Amiguruni Kitty cats Free Pattern

Necessary materials :

  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn in three colors, I have main white and pink, a little purple on a harness and a bow, a little yellow
  • Hook n 3.5 – n.4
  • Iris or floss type threads for sewing on ears
  • Filler for toys
  • Eyes with a diameter of 12 mm
  • Some black yarn for the antennae
  • Buttons for decoration


MR – amigurumi ring

SC – single crochet

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease

DC – double crochet

CH – air loop

SL-ST – connecting post

Upper legs:

We knit in two colors, first white, then thread

change to pink

1) 6Sc in MR

2) 6 inc (12)

3) (3Sc, İnc)*3 times (15)

4) 15Sc

5) 13 Sc, Dec (14)

Change the thread to pink

6) 12Sc, Dec (13)

7) 11Sc, Dec (12)

8) 10Sc, Dec (11)

9) 9Sc, Dec (10)

10-12) 10Sc

Fold the part and knit the sides together 5Sc.

Stuff the bottom part a little.

We will tie the paws into the body

The lower legs, body and head are knitted in one piece

We stuff as we knit, tightly.


We knit in white, two pieces:

1) 6 Sc in MR

2) (1Sc, İnc)*3 times (9)

3) (2Sc, İnc)*3 times (12)

4) (3Sc, İnc)*3 times (15)

5) (4Sc, İnc)*3 times (18)

Fold the part and knit the sides together 9Sc

Lower legs, body and head

We stuff as we knit, tightly.

We start with the lower legs, knitting two parts:

1) in purple we type 8Sc in MR

2) 8İnc (16)

3) 16 Sc for the back wall

4) 16 Sc

Change the thread to white

5)16 Sc for the back wall

6-11) 16 Sc

We break the thread and knit the second leg.

Having knitted the second leg, we knit another 6 Sc, then we knit one air loop and begin to connect the legs.

12) We knit 12Sc of the first leg, 1 Sc in the air. loop, 12 Sc of the second leg and 1 Sc in the air loop (34)

13) 34SC

Change the white thread to pink

14) 8Sc, İnc, 16Sc, İnc, 8Sc (36)

15) 36 Sc for the back wall.

16-21) 36Sc

22) (4Sc, Dec)*6 times (30)

23) 30Sc

24) In this row we knit the paws 3Sc, Dec, 1Sc, attach the paw and knit together with the body 2 Sc, Dec, 2Sc, then 1 Sc, Dec, 3Sc, Dec, attach the second paw and knit together 3 Sc, Dec, 1 Sc , then 2 Sc, Dec (24)

25) (2Sc, Dec)*6 times (18)

When stuffing the head, so that it does not dangle, we stuff the neck tightly and insert several cotton swabs.

Next, knit the head, change the pink thread to white

26) 18 inc (36)

27) (5Sc, İnc)*6 times (42)

28) 3Sc, İnc, (6Sc, İnc)*5 times, 3Sc (48)

29) (7Sc, İnc)*6 times (54)

30) 4Sc, İnc, (8Sc, İnc)*5 times, 4Sc (60)

31) (9Sc, İnc)*6 times (66)

32-38) 60Sc

39) 4Sc, Dec, (8Sc, Dec)*5times, 4Sc (54)

40) (7Sc, Dec)*6 times (48)

41) 3Sc, Dec, (6Sc, Dec)*5 times, 3Sc (42)

42) (5Sc, Dec)*6 times (36)

43) 2Sc, Dec, (4Sc, Dec)*5 times, 2Sc (30)

44) (3Sc, Dec)*6 times (24)

45) 1Sc, Dec, (2Sc, Dec)*5 times, 1Sc (18)

46) (1Sc, Dec)*6 times (12)

47) 6 decreases, tighten the hole, hide the thread.

We knit a skirt:

We return to the 15th row of the body, it was knitted behind the back wall of the loop. Using the front loops, we begin to knit the first row of the skirt in pink

1) 2 air. loops for lifting, 1 Dc, knit 2 Dc in the next loop and so alternate until the end of the row. At the end of the row there is a connecting column

2) 2 air. loops for lifting, 2Dc in each loop, at the end of the row there is a connecting post

3) Change the pink thread to purple, knit 1Sc into each column. We cut the thread and hide it.


Sew on the ears:

First, pin the ears to the head with pins so that they are even.

We sew the eyes in the 35th row, between the eyes 8 Sc. A little lower we embroider the nose with yellow yarn.

We try to do everything evenly and symmetrically, you can experiment.

We knit a flower, I knitted it like this: I picked it up with yellow yarn

6 Sc in MR. Next, use purple yarn in each loop:

2 CH, 2 DC, CH, SL-ST. I repeated it six times and got six petals. I hid the threads and sewed them to my head.

Embroider mustaches with black yarn and sew on buttons.

And your squeezable Kitty is ready!!!

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