Big Ear Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

Necessary materials: Yarn Himalaya dolphin baby main color (dark brown) 1.5 skeins; light – ¼ hank; Little white for embroidering proteins. Black thread for eyebrows and mouth. Strong thread for tightening Eyelets 16mm Spout 10x15mm Filler This MK does not contain knitting lessons. Level: Intermediate. Abbreviations MR – amigurumi ring CH – air loop SC … Read more

Amigurumi Cute Cat Free Pattern

This description includes a full description of the knitting process of the toy, intermediate photo details, a description of the dress and the rim (crocheted). The toy is knitted in a spiral, semi-crosses (unless otherwise indicated), from the bottom up. The upper legs and tail are knitted, the head and ears are sewn on. When … Read more