Elephant Amigurumi Free Pattern

Elephant THOMAS. You can knit from any yarn you have – from fur, from smooth. My elephant is connected from Kuzi Klulubochkin in one loose thread. We knit finishing feet from acrylic of suitable thickness. Hook 1.75. The height of the toy is 16cm. The Elephant Girl is crocheted from Adelia Softy. She got bigger. … Read more

Amigurumi Sea horse Free Pattern

Necessary materials: • YarnArt Jeans, color 50 (purple) • YarnArt Jeans, color 59 (hot pink) • YarnArt Jeans, color 01 (white) • YarnArt Jeans, black • YarnArt Jeans, green • Hook 2, or any other hook you are used to knitting • Filler • Wire 2.5 mm (15-18 cm, depends on your knitting density) • … Read more

Amigurumi Mr. Mole Free Pattern

Terms Used: Mr: Magic ring Ch: Chain SC: Single crochet INC: Increase DEC: decrease Dc: Double crochet Hdc: half double crochet Blo: Knitting from the back half loop SL-ST: slip-stitch (…)*: The contents of the parentheses are repeated as many times as the number next to the asterisk. !: Important notes Materials: (404 can be … Read more

Amigurumi Pink Panther Free Pattern

panther “Pinky” The size of the toy is 33 cm. Necessary materials : • Yarn – main and white: Himalaya Dolphin Fine or Himalaya Velvet pink (more skein), (less white skein) • White: Alize Softy (Softy), • For the spout, pink yarn is “children’s novelty”. • For tightening the thread (I have “soso”). • To … Read more