Free Elephant in overalls Amigurumi Pattern

The size of the toy is about 19-20 cm. If you’re an enthusiast looking for your next adorable project, you’re in luck! We’re excited to present to you a delightful and free pattern to create your very own Elephant in Overalls Amigurumi. This charming design combines the lovable nature of elephants with the whimsy of overalls, resulting in a cuddly companion that will surely bring joy to anyone who sees it.


MR-Magic ring




SL-ST-loop shift

SC = single crochet

BLO Knitting by sinking into the yarn behind the stitch

FLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn in front of the stitch


1) Mr 6Sc

2) 6Inc=12Sc

3) (1Sc,Inc)*6=18

4) Blo 18Sc

5) Blo 18Sc

18Sc from 6-8

9) (1Sc,Dec)*6=12Sc

12Sc from 10-19

20) (2Sc,Dec)*3=9Sc

21) Let’s close the stitches as 4Sc on each other.

Let’s do nail embroidery between rows 5-7.


1) Mr 6Sc

2) 6Inc=12Sc

3) (1Sc,Inc)*6=18Sc

4) (2Sc,Inc)*6=24Sc

5) Blo 24Sc

6) Blo 24Sc

24Sc between 7-8

9) (2Sc,Dec)*6=18Sc

18Sc from 10-14

15) (1Sc,Dec)*6=12Sc

12Sc from 16-20

21) Let’s close each other as 6Sc.

Let’s do nail embroidery between rows 5-7.


Let’s connect both ends of 12 Ch with Sl-st.

12Sc from 1 to 7

8) (2Sc,Dec)*3=9Sc

9Sc from 9-11

12) Dec, 7Sc=8Sc

13) Dec, 6Sc=7Sc

14) 7Sc

Let’s close the stitches by gathering them.


1) Mr 6Sc

2) 6Inc=12Sc

3) (1Sc,Inc)*6=18Sc

4) (2Sc,Inc)*6=24Sc

5) (3Sc,Inc)*6=30Sc

6) (4Sc,Inc)*6=36Sc

7) 36Sc

8) (5Sc,Inc)*6=42Sc

9) (6Sc,Inc)*6=48Sc

10) (7Sc,Inc)*6=54Sc

11) 54Sc

12) (8Sc,Inc)*6=60Sc

13) 12Sc, 6Sc with leg, 24Sc, 6Sc with leg, 12Sc=60Sc

60Sc between 14-20

21) 18Sc, (6Sc,Dec)*3, 18Sc=57Sc

22) 18Sc, (5Sc,Dec)*3, 18Sc= 54Sc

23) 54Sc

24) (7Sc,Dec)*6=48Sc

25) 48Sc


26) (6Sc,Dec)*6=42Sc

27) 42Sc

28) (5Sc,Dec)*6=36Sc

29) (4Sc,Dec)*6=30Sc

30) 30Sc

31) (3Sc,Dec)*6=24Sc

32) 4Sc, 4Sc with lever, 8Sc, 4Sc with lever, 4Sc= 24Sc

33) 24Sc

We move on to the head.

34) 24Inc=48Sc

35) (7Sc,Inc)*6=54Sc

36) 54Sc

37) (8Sc,Inc)*6=60Sc

60Sc between 38-48

49) (8Sc,Dec)*6=54Sc

50) 2Sc, Dec, (7Sc,Dec)*5, 5Sc=48Sc

51) (6Sc,Dec)*6=42Sc

52) 2Sc, Dec, (5Sc,Dec)*5, 3Sc=36Sc

53) (4Sc,Dec)*6=30Sc

54) (3Sc,Dec)*6=24Sc

55) (2Sc,Dec)*6=18Sc

56) (1Sc,Dec)*6=12Sc

57) 6Dec=6Sc Let’s close the remaining stitches by gathering them.

Let’s attach the eyes between the 45th and 46th rows, leaving 9Sc between them.


We knit 4 in total.

1) Mr 6Sc

2) 6Inc=12Sc

3) (1Sc,Inc)*6=18Sc

4) (2Sc,Inc)*6=24Sc

5) (3Sc,Inc)*6=30Sc

6) (4Sc,Inc)*6=36Sc

7) (5Sc,Inc)*6=42Sc

8) (6Sc,Inc)*6=48Sc

9) (7Sc,Inc)*6=54Sc

Let’s not cut the thread after knitting the second piece. Let’s combine the two pieces together by making 54Sc.

We make the other ear in the same way.

Let’s sew the ears to the sides so that they line up above the eye.

There is no clothing recipe. You can decorate it as you wish.

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