Amigurumi Dragon Free Pattern

We continue to share the most beautiful and free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi Dragon Free Pattern and more patterns. amigurumi dragon free “The Dragon” Terms CH = air loop SC = single crochet SL-ST= connecting loop st = column DC = double crochet HDC = half double crochet … Read more

Amigurumi Baby in dragon Free Pattern

Materials: YarnArt yarn: Body color For baby bottle, pacifier and clothing: white, flesh-colored, yellow, orange, pale yellow. For hair color of your choice Hook 2 mm Eyes 12 mm Filler Marker 8 buttons on the jumpsuit Abbreviation: MR – amigurumi ring CH – air loop SC – single crochet İNC – increase DEC – decrease … Read more

Amigurumi Little dragon Free Pattern

To create a toy you will need: 1. Yarn: In my case, this is Turkish velor (600m / 100g), the dragon turned out to be 14.5 cm. Absolutely any yarn available in the arsenal will do, but then the size of the dragon will be different. 2. Hook: I used 1.50 mm. It all depends … Read more

Amigurumi Dragon Free Pattern

Amigurumi cute dragon free Pattern Necessary materials Choose the yarn from which it is convenient for you to knit. I knitted from Himalaya Dolfin Baby. The main color is green, the complementary color is cream, the contrasting color is pink. Eyebrows and nostrils were embroidered by YarnArt Jeanse in dark green. 1. Less skein of … Read more

Amigurumi Big Dinosaur Free Pattern

Note: 1. The toy is knitted in a spiral pattern without lifting loops, unless otherwise specified. 2. At the beginning of the row, use a marker or other colored thread to help mark the first loop of each new row. Required materials and tools: 1. Himalaya Dolphin baby – number 350 (light green) – 2 … Read more

Amigurumi Dragon Tosh Free Pattens

Amigurumi Dragon Tosh Materials: Yarn 165 m / 50 g Hook 2 Decorative buttons, cotton and apron tape Mouline thread for face embroidery Eyes 22 mm Filler Abbrevations: SC – single crochet CH – air loop İNC – increase, knit 2 SC from one loop DEC – decrease, knit 2 SC together SL-ST – connecting … Read more

Amigurumi Dragon Dıno Lucky Free Pattern

DRAGON DINO LUCKY What do you need: – Hook 2.5mm – sewing needle – eyes – scissors – 10 cents coin (about 2 cm) -hollowfiber – yarn (green, brown, khaki green, white). Legend Ch – air loop Sc – single crochet, İnc – increase, two Sc from one, Dec- decrease, one Sc out of two … Read more

Amigurumi Dragon Free Pattern

Amigurumi Dragon Free Pattern ***PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE PATTERN BEFORE YOU BEGIN*** Stitches and techniques used. Slip stitch Insert hook in next st, yo and draw through all loops. Single crochet Insert hook in next st and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), yo, draw through both loops on hook. Single Crochet … Read more