Lion Amigurumi Free Pattern

What you will need: • Yarn Alize Softy in 2 strands, there is still decent yarn left from two skeins. From Yarn Art Dolce will make a slightly larger toy, 1 skein is enough for one toy. Hook 4. Lion height – 28 cm. • For the mane – Alize Happy baby (acrylic, 330 meters … Read more

Amigurumi Lion King Free Pattern

We continue to share the most beautiful and free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi lion king Free Pattern and more patterns. Terms used Zn(chain) Mr(magic ring) SC(sc) INC(increment) dec(decrement) Sl-st(slip stitch) (…)* (repeats as many sc in brackets Head (with Orange) 1-mr(6) 2-6in(12) 3-(sc,inc)*6(18) 4-(2sc,inc)*6(24) 5-(3sc,inc)*6(30) 6-(4sc,inc)*6(36) 7-(5sc,inc)*6(42) 8-(6sc,inc)*6(48) … Read more

Amigurumi Lion Free Pattern

Lion Tools and Materials: Finished toy size with the materials recommended is 23 cm/9” Yarn: Alize Bella. Composition – 100 % cotton. Length – 50g180m Main color – No41. Yarn consumption – 50g Mane and tail color – Alize Bella Batik No6789. Yarn consumption – 80g T-shirt color – No38 (no longer in production) Yarn … Read more

Amigurumi Lion cub Free Pattern

Lion cub Legend: MR – amigurumi ring SC – single crochet İNC – increase DEC – decrease TR – column with 2 crochets (…) x6 – repeat the action in brackets 6 times. Head: 1) 6SC in MR 2) (İNC) x6 (12) 3) (SC, İNC) x6 (18) 4) (2SC, İNC) x6 (24) 5) (3SC, İNC) … Read more