Amigurumi Chick Free Crochet Pattern

Chick Shurochka

Toy height 10-11cm

(depends on the choice of yarn, hook number and your knitting density).

This description does not contain lessons on knitting basic elements.

Necessary materials:


Green # 3861

Hook 2 and 2.5

Holofiber / synthetic fluff filler

Stuffing stick (I use a sushi stick)


Sewing pins

Floss threads (or sewing) for decoration

Screw eyes No. 6

I use YarnArt

(you can also use Alize Cotton Gold in similar colors):

Yellow No. 35

White No. 62

Coral No. 23

Pink No. 74

I am using Vita Cotton COCO:

Pink # 3866


ch-air loop

sc single crochet

sl-st-connecting post

hdc double crochet

dc column with 1 crochet

tr-column with 2 yarns

inc-increase (knit 2sc in one loop)

dec-decrease (knit 2sc together)

(sc, inc) * n times-repeat the number of times specified in brackets “n”

Knitting description:

* We begin to knit the body, in yellow. Knitting goes from bottom to top. It goes into the head and then ends with a haircut. We fill in the process.

1р. 7 sc into magic ring

2p. 7inc-14sc

3р. (1sc, inc) * 7р-21sc

4р. (2sc, inc) * 7р-28sc, 1sc

5р. (3sc, inc) * 7р-35sc

6р. (4sc, inc) * 7р-42sc, 1sc

7р. (5sc, inc) * 7р-49sc

8 rub. Repeat 49sc, 1sc

9р. (6sc, inc) * 7р-56sc

10-23rr. Repeat 56sc-14 rows

24p. (6sc, dec) * 7p-49sc

25-26 RUR Repeat 49sc-2 row

(we insert eyes between 24-25 rows, at a distance of 5 / 6sc)

27p. (5sc, dec) * 7p-42sc

28r. Repeat 42sc

29p. (4sc, dec) * 7p-35sc

30r. Repeat 35sc

31р. (3sc, dec) * 7р-28sc

32p. (2sc, dec) * 7p-21sc

33 rub. Repeat 21sc

34p. (1sc, dec) * 7p-14sc


* 1dec (this depends on which hole is left.

You may not need to make an additional reduction)

Do not pull the hole all the way down!

(sc will be needed to tie the hairstyle)

Knitting description:

Without cutting the threads, we continue to knit the hairstyle:

sl-st, 20 ch, with 2 loops from the hook:

1sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 8sc;

2sl-st, 20ch, with 2 hook loops:

inc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 5sc;

2sl-st, 20ch, with 2 loops from hook 19sc along the chain, 2sl-st.

Cut the thread, fasten, hide the ends in the body.

* Check the hole – if necessary, pull off the remaining hinges.

Knitting description:

Wings (yellow, 2 parts):

1р. 6sc into magic ring


3р. (1sc, inc) * 6р-18sc

4p.5sc, 2hdc, 1dc, 1tr, 1dc, 2hdc, 6sc = 18sc

Cut the thread, leaving a long end for sewing. Secure.

To shape the wings, turn the 4th row (together knitting the enlarged columns) to the front side.

Feet (coral color, 2 parts):

1р. 6sc into magic ring

2p.1sc, sl-st, 4ch, from 2 loops from the 3sc hook to


2sl-st, 5ch, with 2 loops from a 4sc hook along the chain;

2sl-st, 4ch, with 2 loops from the 3sc hook along the chain, sl-st,

1sc, sl-st.

Cut the thread, leaving the long end for sewing, fasten.

Beak (coral color, 2 parts):

* I also leave the long end of the thread when forming the amigurumi ring. This helps me to sew the part better.

1 detail:

7sc into magic ring (do not close the ring to the end).

Cut the thread, leaving a long end for sewing. Secure.

2 detail:

4sc into magic ring (do not close the ring to the end).

Cut the thread, leaving a long end for sewing. Secure.

Ponytail (in yellow):

At the back, between 9-10 rows, we find the desired point.

We attach the thread and knit 5ch, from the 2 loop from the hook we knit 4sc, cut the sl-st-thread, fasten. Hide the end in the body of the toy.

Bow (pink):


(we leave the long end of the thread when forming the ring)

3ch, 6tr, 3ch, sl-st;

3ch, 6tr, 3ch, sl-st-ring tighten.

Wrap the middle of the bow with thread from the ball a couple of times to give it a clearer shape. Bring the thread to the wrong side. Cut off, leaving the long end to be sewn on. Secure.

Apron (white):

İNTO MAGİC RİNG: (knitting dc, turning rows.Each next row starts 2ch and dc (in one loop))

2ch, 7dc-ring tighten, 2ch knitting flip

2dc, 2dc one stitch, 3dc one stitch, 2dc one stitch, 2dc, 2ch-flip knitting

3dc, (2dc in one loop) * 5 times, 3dc, 2ch-flip knitting

2dc, (2dc in one loop) * 3 times, 6dc, (2dc in one loop) * 3 times, cut the 2dc thread, fasten.

Next: tie sc to the top of the apron (I have 14sc). Cut the thread, fasten.

Apron (white):

Separately, we collect a chain of 85ch, from 2 loops from the hook we knit 35sc along the chain, then, connecting the loops of the chain and the top of the apron, knit 14sl-st, then along the chain 35sc.

Finish knitting. Cut the thread, fasten. Hide all ends from the seamy side.

Knit together sl-st

Apron decor: (we use pink and green colors Vita Cotton KOKO and hook number 2):

Flower (1 piece):

Cast on 14ch, from the second loop from the hook-1sc, hdc, (2dc in one loop) * 10 times; in the last loop-4dc, hdc, sl-st-thread cut, fasten. Fold the flower in a spiral, fix with threads to match.

Sheet (2 parts):

Cast on 6ch, from 2 loops from hook sc, hdc, 1dc, hdc; in the last loop-2sc, then hdc, 1dc, hdc, sc-thread cut, fasten. Sew the details to the apron.


Place 2 parts of the beak between the eyes, gray single (sewing rows 22/23 and 23/24). Sew detail (7sc) on top.


Use sewing pins to fix the curls on the chick’s head of your choice.

Sew on the fixing points with matching sewing thread.

Place the bow slightly to the side of the hairstyle, sew.

Assembly / design:


Sew on the wings. On the sides, approximately between 18/19

in rows. Sew on only the top of the wing.


We fix the paws with sewing pins at the base of the body so that the front part is towards the body. In this case, the side visible to us will be the wrong side. Sew only the “round” part of the legs. The fingers remain free, we slightly twist them towards the body.

Assembly / design

Sew on …..


We tie an apron. I have it non-removable.

We fix firmly at several points with sewing threads to match.


And the last thing, we make out the face with floss or sewing threads. We embroider eyebrows and lower eyelashes.


Knit with pleasure, live easy!

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