Crochet Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

Welcome to the world of crochet, where imagination knows no bounds and every stitch is a step towards bringing adorable creations to life! Today, we’re excited to present our “Crochet Bear Amigurumi” free pattern, offering you the chance to craft your very own cuddly bear companion.

So, grab your crochet hook and let your creativity soar as you embark on this crochet adventure with our free pattern. Whether you’re crocheting for yourself or spreading handmade happiness to others, we can’t wait to see the adorable bears you bring to life!


Amigurumi MR ring

CH-air loop

SC-single crochet

SL-ST-connecting post




1p – 6Sc in MR

2р – İncх6 (12Sc)

3р – (Sc, İnc)х6 (18Sc)

4р – (2Sc, İnc)х6 (24Sc)

5р – (3Sc, İnc)х6 (30Sc)

6р – (4Sc, İnc)х6 (36Sc)

7р – (5Sc, İnc)х6 (42Sc)

8р – (6Sc, İnc)х6 (48Sc

9-14r – 48Sc

We insert the eyes on a safe mount between 9p and 10p

15r – (6Sc, Dec)x6 (42Sc)

16r – (5Sc, Dec)x6 (36Sc)

17r – (4Sc, Dec)x6 (30Sc)

18r – (3Sc, Dec)x6 (24Sc)

19r – (2Sc, Dec)x6 (18Sc)

Stuff it quite tightly, the head should be a regular round shape.


1r. 8Sc in MR

2 rub. 8İnc. (16)

3 rub. 16Sc

4r. (3Sc,inc)×4


We collect a chain of 7Ch

We start knitting from the second ch: 5Sc, 3Sc in 1 loop, continue knitting on the other side of the chain: 4Sc, inc (14Sc)

2р – İnc, 4Sc, 3İnc, 4Sc, 2İnc (20Sc)

3р – İnc, 5Sc, (Sc, İnc)х4, 5Sc, İnc (26Sc)

4р – İnc, 6Sc, (2Sc, İnc)×4, 6Sc, İnc (32Sc)

5r – 32Sc

Upper legs

1p – 6Sc in MR

2р – 6İnc. (12)

3р – (5Sc, İnc) × 2. (14)

4р – (3Sc, İnc) × 3, 2Sc (17)

5r – 17Sc

6р – Dec, (1Sc, Dec) × 5 (11)

7-11r 11Sc

12r – 9Sc, Dec (10)

13-14r. 10Sc

15r – 8Sc, Dec. (9)

16-17r. 9Sc

Fold the foot in half and tie 5 Sc!

We knit the second leg in the same way)

Lower legs)

We collect a chain of 7 ch

1p – we start the row with the second ch, knit 5 Sc, in the 6th ch 4Sc, then we knit 4Sc on the other side, in the last ch 3Sc.

2р – İnc, 4Sc, 4İnc, 4Sc, 3İnc

3р – İnc, 1Sc, 4Sc, (İnc, 1Sc)× 4,

4Sc, (İnc, 1Sc) ×3.

4p – 32Sc for the back loop

5р – 32 Sc

6р – 7Sc, 6Dec, 8Sc, 2Dec, 1Sc

7p – 6Sc, 4Dec, 10Sc

8р – 3Sc, 6Dec, 5Sc

9-13r – 14 Sc

14r – 12Sc, Dec

15r – 13Sc

16r – 11Sc, Dec

17-19r – 12Sc

Fold in half and knit 6 Sc)


1p – 6Sc in MR

2р – İncх6 (12Sc)

3р – (Sc, İnc)х6 (18Sc)

4р – (2Sc, İnc)х6 (24Sc)

5р – (3Sc, İnc)х6 (30Sc)

6р – (4Sc, İnc)х6 (36Sc)

7р – (5Sc, İnc)х6 (42Sc)

8р – 42Sc

9p – 8Sc, (6Sc-lower foot), 14Sc, (6Sc-lower foot), 8Sc.

10-11r – 42Sc

12p – (5Sc, Dec)x6 (36Sc)

13-14r – 36Sc

15r – (4Sc, Dec)x6 (30Sc)

16r – 30Sc

17r – (3Sc, Dec)x6 (24Sc)

18-19r – 24Sc

20r – (2Sc, Dec)x6 (18Sc)

21p – 3Sc, (5Sc-upper foot), 4Sc, (5Sc-upper foot), 1Sc.

22r – 18Sc

Stuff it quite tightly, the body should be of the correct shape.


1p – 6Sc in MR

2р – 6İnc (12)

3p – 12 Sc. .

Sew on the tail!

We decorate the Muzzle, sew on the head and our handsome guy is ready.

You can hug and kiss

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