Amigurumi Bunny Baby Pattern

About 15 cm tall, taking into account the ears, about 29 cm.Bunny Baby


I am glad to welcome you in my knitting Bunny Baby

A little about the rules of use:

 does not contain knitting lessons and assumes basic crochet skills.

List of required materials

• Yarn of the main color (I use Himalaya Dolphin baby, I knitted 1.5 bunnies from one skein, a little additional color for the costume

• Hook No. 4.5 I use and No. 8 for ears

• Filler (I have holofiber).

• Eyelets 12 mm on a secure mount

• Spout 12*14 or any other

• Needle for sewing details, marker, scissors, threads for tightening

• Glue if needed (I use Super Moment Gel)

• The ribbon is satin and can be used as an applique for a suit

When using the necessary materials

The bunny turns out to be about 15 cm tall, taking into account the ears, about 29 cm.


SC – single crochet

İNC – increase (2 SC in one loop)

DEC – Decrease (2 SC together)

CH – air loop

HDC – half double crochet

MR – amigurumi ring (sliding loop)

We stuff as we knit. We knit everything in a spiral.

Leg 2 parts

If in a suit, then in an additional color:

1. 6 SC in MR. (6)

2. (SC, İNC)*3. (9)

3-5. 9SC. (9) 3 rows

6. We do not cut the thread on the second leg, we collect 3 CH, connect it with the first leg and knit 9 SC along the leg, 3 SC along the chain, 9 SC along the second leg, 3 SC along the chain. (24)

7-10. 24 sc. (24) 4 rows

11. (2SC, DEC)*6. (eighteen)

12-13. 18 sc. (18) 2 rows

14. (SC, DEC)*6. (12)

We knit the head, the main color:

15. (İNC)*12. (24)

16. (5 SC, İNC)*4. (28)

17-21. 28 SC. (28) 5 rows

Eyes set between 20-21 rows, at a distance of 4-3 SC.

22. (5SC, DEC)*4. (24)

23. (2SC, DEC)*6. (eighteen)

24. (SC, DEC)*6. (12)

25. (DEC)*6. (6) Pull the hole, hide the thread)

Stuff the handles a little.

You can knit the handle completely with yarn of an additional color

We knit with yarn of the main color:

1. 6 SC in MR. (6)

2-3. 6 sc. (6)

Yarn of additional color:

4-7. 6 sc. (6) 4 rows

Leave the thread for sewing.


1. 6 SC in MR. (6)

2. (SC, İNC)*3. (9)

Leave thread for sewing.

Ears crochet №8

half-columns with one crochet

1. 6 HDCs per MR. (6)

2. (İNC)*6. (12)

3-4. 12 HDCs. (12) 2 rows

5. DEC, 4 HDC, DEC, 4 HDC. (ten)

6-8. 10 HDCs. (10) 3 rows

9. DEC, 4 HDC, DEC, 2 HDC. (eight)

10-12. 8 HDCs. (8) 3 rows

Fold in half

knit 5-6 SC, leave the thread for sewing.

We do a stretch.

We make the tightening with a regular thread of the main color or iris. (Or any dense one so that it does not tear when pulled).

We start the needle at point 1, leave the tip of the thread sticking out, bring it to point 2, then to point 3 and return to point 1.

Without tearing off the threads, we do the same with the second eye. From point 1 we deduce to point 4 further to point 5 and return to point 6.

We tie the threads into a knot, tightening it tightly, without cutting the thread, you need to make a constriction of the nose.

Insert a needle at point 7 and return back. We tie a knot.


Sew handles, stepping back from the head one row, ears, tail. Glue the spout, application.

Tie a bow.

Congratulations, your Baby Bunny is ready!

Submit your work!

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