Crochet Rattle Bee Free Pattern

This knitting pattern allows you to create a fun and interactive toy with your skillful hands. This cute bee toy, which will be enjoyed by both babies and mothers, has a soft and light structure, which is ideal for your baby’s safety. This free knitting pattern comes with clear instructions, detailed photos and a materials list, so you can easily start the project.

Amigurumi Rattle Bee knitting model can be both a fun handicraft project and a cute gift for your loved ones. How about knitting a bee toy to create a smile on your baby’s or loved ones’ face? Now gather your materials and start knitting this sweet amigurumi bee!

Materials and tools

Mr – amigurumi ring

SC – single crochet

İnc – increase

Dec – decrease

Ch – air loop

Sl-st – connecting post

DC – single crochet

Necessary materials:

1) Hook 1.50 or 2 mm;

2) Yarnart Jeans yarn or other semi-cotton yarn; colors – yellow, brown, pink, white;

3) Black thread for decorating the muzzle;

4) Eyes on a safe mount – 5 or 6 mm;

5) Wooden ring, diameter – 55 or 60 mm;

6) Filler (holofiber);

7) Ringing ball (rattle) – 24 or 28 mm;

8) Long needle for stitching parts and decorating the muzzle, scissors.


1) 6 Sc in MR (6)

2) 6 increments (12)

H) (1 Sc, İnc) x 6 (18)

4) (2Sc, İnc) x 6 (24)

5) (3Sc, İnc) x 6 (30)

6) (4Sc, İnc) x 6 (36)

7) (5Sc, İnc) x 6 (42)

8) (6 Sc, İnc) x 6 (48)

9-18) no changes

19) (6 Sc, Dec) x 6 (42)

20) (5 Sc, Dec) x 6 (36)

21) (4 Sc, Dec) x 6 (30)

22) (3 Sc, Dec) x 6 (24)

23) (2 Sc, Dec) x 6 (18)

24) (1 Sc, Dec) x 6 (12)

– At the level of 14-15 rows, insert and secure the eyes;

– Distance between eyes – 8 Sc.

– Fill the part with holofiber.

– Insert a ringing ball (rattle) in the middle.

– Pull the hole of the part.


  Cast on a chain of 30 chain stitches. Next, knit 10 rows in turning rows, alternating the color of the yarn (brown, yellow).

  Attention! The number of rows of binding can be more or less, depending on the diameter of your ring and the density of knitting.

The diameter of my ring is 60.


  (2 parts)

1) 6 Sc in MR (6)

2) 6 increments (12)

3) (1 Sc,1 İnc) x 3 (15)

  4-7) 15 Sc

8) (3 Sc, Dec) x 2 (13)

9) (2 Sc, Dec) x 2 (11)

10) (1 Sc, Dec) x 3 (8)

Sew the walls of the last row.

Knit the second wing in the same way.


  (2 parts)

1) 6 Sc in MR (6)

2) (1 Sc, İnc) x 3 (9)

3) 9 Sc

4) (1 Sc, Dec) x 3 (6)

5-8) 6 Sc

  There is no need to fill the antennae.

Fold the piece in half;

knit the last row on both walls; leave the thread for sewing.


  Type in MR 6 Sc, make a connecting post (Sl-st).

  Pull the amigurumi ring;

  Pull the thread to the wrong side.

  Leave the thread for sewing.

Head band:

  Cast on a chain of 70 chain stitches.


Your number of loops may be different (more or less), depending on the volume of your head.

The decoration for the headband can be anything (roses, bows).

I have a flower from the free MK Emily Freeman:


1) 5 Sc in MR;

Next we knit 5 petals:

2) 2 Ch, İnc and Dc, 2 Ch, Sl-st in one loop (5).

Assembly and design of the rattle

  – Sew the head of the rattle to the harness on the ring;

  – Then tighten the eyes with a thread of the same color as the main part.

  – Use a long needle and thread.

  – At the very bottom of the head, in the middle (about row 20), insert a needle and thread;

  – Bring the needle to the inner corner of the eye, then to the other inner corner of the eye;

  – The thread should be at the bottom of the eye;

  – Then, from the inner corner of the eye, pull the needle into the lower part of the head, in the row and column from which the thread was originally drawn;

  -Next we also draw the thread to the second eye;

-Return the thread to the lower part of the head;

-You should have two threads in one column.

  Then fix the tension:

  – Pull two threads;

  -The threads should fall behind the eyes;

  – The eyes themselves should sink into the canvas;

– Tie the two threads tightly;

– Hide the ends of the threads inside your head.

  Sew the antennae to the head:

– Count 5 Sc from the amigurumi ring and sew on the tendril.

  – Distance between antennae – 10 Sc.

– Try to sew the antennae at an angle.

Sew the wings to the harness

Sew on the headband:

– Fix the headband on your head;

– The rim should fit snugly to the rattle;

– Connect and sew the ends of the headband at the bottom;

– Sew the headband to the bottom of the head, on the sides and in the place where the flower is located;

– Then sew a flower to the headband.

Design the face as in the photo:

– Using black thread, embroider eyebrows, eyelashes, mouth;

  – Embroider whites with white thread;

– Embroider the nose;

– Sew on the cheeks.

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