Amigurumi Snowman and the Gnome Free Pattern

“Snowman and the Gnome”

Basic knitting materials toys:

– Plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby or analogue.

Overall yarn consumption is less than freckles.

For Snowman I used the colors:

  • YarnArt Dolce No. 741, Himalaya Dolphin Baby No. 329, 318, 311, 331

For Gnome:

  • Himalaya Dolphin Baby No.353, No.329, No.318, No.311 YarnArt Dolce No 761
  • For Yarn Alize Softy + Bearded Gnome
  • YarnArt denim thread or kids innovation black (for eyebrow embroidery, arrows)
  • Pretty Himalayan plush yarn Dolphin Fine white for eye whites
  • Yarn is New Green for Kids twigs and YarnArt Jeans for fruits 14-16 mm
  • eye in a safe slot Dental floss or other strong threads and stitching on details
  • Hook No. 3.5 Elephants
  • Scissors
  • Long needle (to squeeze)

When using the specified materials and hook numbers my toys 3.5 mm size 22- 23cm.

Thread consumption and size of your toy can varies depending on your intensity and knitting style, hook number, packing density as well as toys from the yarn brand and party


MR ring amigurumi

CH-air loop

– half cycle

SC single crochet



SL-ST connecting post

(…) X… repeat the operation the number of times specified in brackets

4DCc1B-4 Double crochet with a top.

Enjoy your knitting and even your loops!



We knit the sleeves with plush threads (the colors you choose).

We knit a sleeve in one color, the sleeves themselves others.

We knit 4DCc1B in one loop grounds.

To do this, we make a thread, stretch the working thread and knit 2 loops on the hook (to the hook 2 loops left). Again we thread, stretch processing to the same cycle of the sole and knit 2 loops again on the hook (on the hook 3 loops left) Repeat this 2 more times.

the hook rotates 5 loops. We knit 5 loops

single hole loops (see video).

We knit a finger:


1.6 in MR

2. (1SC, INC) x3 (9)

3-4. 9SC (2 lines)

5.4DCs1v, 8SC (9), SL-ST in one cycle of base

Cut the thread, straighten, change the color of the thread blouse color.

Attach the thread from the inside to the center. sides of the arms.

We knit the next row of BLO.

6.9SC (BLO)

7th DEC, 7SC (8)

8-15. 8SC (8 lines)

Fold the top of the handle in half so that finger looked forward and we knit on the body

4SC for both walls.

Cut the thread, straighten.



The trunk is knitted from the bottom up. The pointer passes absolutely Return to the middle of the body and head if necessary make offset loops.

We started to knit the snowman white color, we begin to knit the dwarf in any color ( according to your taste).

1.6 in MR

2.6 INC (12)

3. (1SC, INC) x6 (18)

4. (2SC, INC) x6 (24)

5. (3SC, INC) x6 (30)

6.2SC, INC, (4SC, INC) х5,2SC (36)

7. (5SC, INC) x6 (42)

8-12. 42SC (5 lines)

13. (5SC, DEC) x6 (36), SL-ST

Cut the thread, straighten.

Change the color of the thread to the color of the blouse.

We knit row BLO.

14.36SC (BLO)


16. (4SC, DEC) x6 (30)

17-18. 30SC (2 lines)

19. (3SC, DEC) x6 (24)

20-21. 24SC (2 lines)

22. (2SC, DEC) x6 (18)

In the next row we knit sleeves.

23.2SC, 4SC (with handle), 6SC, 4SC (

second handle), 2SC (18)

We knit hands:


24. (1SC, Dec) x6 (12), SL-ST

Cut the thread, straighten.

The head starts from the next row.

yarn color for a snowman on white, for a dwarf physical.

We tie the thread from the back center of the ridge.

25.12INC (24)

26. (3SC, INC) x6 (30)


28.8SC, 3İNC, 8SC, 3İNC, 8SC (36)

29.8SC, (1SC, INC) x3.8SC, (1SC, INC) x3.8SC (42)

30-32. 42SC (3 lines)

33.8SC, (1SC, DEC) x3.8SC, (1SC, DEC) x3.8SC (36)


35. (4SC, December) x6 (30)


37. (3SC, Dec) x6 (24)


Place eyes between 33 and 34 rows.

8SC between the eyes (counting through the first 34 rows).

Eye wear. We fill our heads.

We stuff our heads. We pay special attention to neck area (transition of the body to the head).

39. (2SC, DEC) x6 (18)

40. (1SC, DEC) x6 (12)


Pull the hole, hide the thread inside the head.


We knit boots with plush threads (there are black).

1.6CH, 4SC from 2nd from hook, 3SC in 1 loop, 3SC, INC (12)

2.INC, 3SC, 3INC, 3SC, 2INC (18)

3.INC, 6SC, 3INC, 6SC, 2INC (24)

We cut out an oval from dense plastic or other dense material at hand, according to the shape of our sole.

4.24SC (BLO)


We insert the insole into the shoe.

6.6SC, (1SC, Dec) x 4.6SC (20)

7.6SC, 4DEC, 6SC (16)

Stuffing boots

8,4SC, 4DEC, 4SC (12)


10. Pull out the hole, hide thread.

Nose (Snowman)

Hook 2.0mm

We knit the Snowman’s nose with Thread Child New Orange.

1.6 in MR

2-3. 6SC (2 lines)

4. (1SC, INC) x3 (9)


6. (2SC, INC) x3 (12)

7-8. 12SC (2 rows), SL-ST

Nose (Gnome)

We knit the gnome’s nose with plush colored yarn heads.

1.6 in MR

2.6 INC (12)

3-4. 12SC (2 lines)


Secure the thread, cut it.

Fill the nose.

Ears (Gnome x 2)

We knit the ears with plush yarn head color.

1.6 in MR

2.6 INCH (12), SL-ST

Secure the thread, cut it.

Eye shaping

First and second tightening

We introduce the needle between the 28th and 29th row, focusing in the center of the eye.

We withdraw the needle to the lower outer corner of the eye, then to the lower inner corner of the eye and return to the original place of needle insertion, departing 1 column from it.

We pull up by both threads, the eye drops a little and a depression is formed under the cheek. We tie the threads together, cut them off and hide them inside the head.

Do the same on the second side.

Third tightening

Insert the needle from the back in the center of the neck at the border of the color change and bring it out through the head to the lower outer corner of the eye, then to the lower inner corner of the eye and return to the original place of needle insertion, departing from it 1 column.

Then we repeat the same with the second eye.

We tighten the threads, tie, cut.

We make out the eyes

We make out the mouth and eyes:

We embroider a mouth

For the mouth, I use YarnArt Jeans yarn (red), in two strands.

We introduce the needle from the area of ​​the spout and bring it out just above the dimple under the cheek, formed after the tightening.

Next, we insert the needle just above the second dimple from the tightening, straighten the thread and bring the needle to the original place of insertion.

Cut the thread, tie it and use a hook to hide it inside the head.

If desired, we embroider the sides of a smile with the same yarn in one thread.

We embroider arrows

We embroider arrows with black yarn YarnArt Jeans or Children’s Novelty (in one thread). You can embroider the whites of the eyes for the gnome. With white plush yarn (I have Himalaya Dolphin Fine) we embroider squirrels for 1/3 of the eye.

We embroider the eyebrows

We embroider the eyebrows with black yarn YarnArt Jeans or Children’s Novelty, in one thread. We embroider eyebrows between 36 and 37 row. Eyebrow width 3SC, distance between eyebrows 6SC.

Sew on the nose of the Snowman

Sew on the nose:

Sew on the nose and ears to the Gnome

Sew on the nose and ears:

We decorate Decorating the beard Gnome

We use yarn to decorate the beard Soft + white.

We cut the required number of segments length 18cm (you can adjust the length and thickness of the beard to your taste).

We stick the hook 1 row below the mouth in the center and stretch out a piece of yarn folded in half for the middle.

Then we stretch the ends of the segment into the formed loop and tighten.

And thus we go through the entire contour beards (see video).

Beard styling:

Sew on the legs

Sew the legs between rows 1 and 7 (for rows 2-6). The distance between the legs is MR.

We make a costume

Belt and sleeve binding

Plush yarn (color of your choice) tie (SC) the 13th row of the body and the 5th row of handles for LOOP.

We knit the shelf and collar

We also knit with soft + white yarn.

We attach the thread in front, in the center of the body, in the nearest row at the belt.

We do VP and begin to knit SC from bottom to top, exactly in the center of the body.

To do this, we introduce a hook under the column, stretch the thread and knit SC.

Thus, we knit a shelf on suit to the top.

Next, in a similar way, we knit collar around the neck, as close to the head as possible.

We tie the blouse:


1.6 in MR

2. (1SC, İNC) x3 (9)


4. (2SC, İNC) x3 (12)


6. (3SC, İNC) x3 (15)


8. (4SC, İNC) x3 (18)


10. (5SC, İNC) x3 (21)


12. (6SC, İNC) x3 (24)


14. (7SC, İNC) x3 (27)


16. (8SC, İNC) x3 (30)


18. (4SC, İNC) x6 (36)


20. (5SC, İNC) x6 (42)

21-25. 42SC (5 rows)

Cut the thread, fix it.

We make the edge strapping (optional).

Cap pompom

1.6 in MR

2.6İNC (12)

3. (1SC, İNC) x6 (18)

4-5. 18SC

6. (1SC, DEC) x6 (12)

7. 6DEC, fasten the thread, cut.

Fill the pompom with filler, sew to the cap.


We knit the hat with black plush yarn.

1.6 in MR

2.6İNC (12)

3. (1SC, İNC) x6 (18)

4.18SC (BLO)

5-7. 18SC (3 rows)

8. (4SC, DEC) x3 (15)


10.15İNC (30) – BLO


12. (1SC, İNC) 15 (45)

13. 45SC, SL-ST Fasten thread, cut.

Twigs for decoration

We knit twigs for decorating the cap and cap with yarn for Children New in green.

We collect a chain of 21CH, from the 2nd loop from the hook we knit 5SC.

In the next loop we make ss and from it we collect 6SC, from the 2nd loop from the hook we knit 5SC in the opposite direction.

And thus we knit to the end of the chain.

The length and number of branches can be any.

We knit from red YarnArt Jeans yarn


1.6 in MR

2-3. 6SC

Pull the hole, leave the thread for sewing.

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