Amigurumi Doll Marusya Free Pattern

We continue to share beautiful free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi Doll Marusya Freee Free Pattern. List of materials 1.YarnArt JEANS color: linen (05) 2. YarnArt JEANS color: white (01) 3. YarnArt JEANS color: St. gray (80) 4. YarnArt JEANS color: brown (40) 5. Gazzal Baby Cotton mint (3425) … Read more

Amigurumi Fly Agaric Doll Free Pattern

We continue to share the most beautiful and free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi fly agaric doll and more patterns. Amigurumi Fly Agaric Doll We will need: Amigurumi Fly Agaric Doll • Yarn: milky, white, dark red, denim, brown • Hook (the size depends on your yarn, the author … Read more

Amigurumi Kitten Whale Pattern

Amigurumi Kitten Whale Pattern delhi dolphin. Description of crochet toys. These babies can be knitted from any yarn. I have three options connected, from a plush one and a half hanks 100g / 120m, clover hook 3 – 29cm Amigurumi Kitten Whale from velor floor hank 50g/160m, clover 1.5 – 20cm Amigurumi Kitten Whale semi-cotton … Read more

Amigurumi Rex Cute Dinosaur Pattern

Amigurumi Rex Cute DinosaurEach Rex measures 17 cm (6.7 inches) . I made three pieces, all in different colors, three brothers. Amigurumi Rex Cute Dinosaur Since that time, I can’t figure out where my favorite is… probably gray, maybe green, and blue looks so cute, especially for a newborn boy. In any case, we can … Read more

Amigurumi Cute Koala Free Pattern

Amigurumi Cute Koala Free Pattern Koala Kevin I hope you have no problems knitting. And if you find a mistake, please write to me As for materials… Yarn YarnArt Jeans, Alize Cotton Gold (Cotton Gold Hobby), any other similar footage. On the body – gray yarn, on the inside of the ears – pinkish, flesh, … Read more

Amigurumi Baby Asya Free Pattern

Amigurumi Baby Asya baby Asya Greetings, dear masters!!! When publishing finished works, I will be very grateful if you indicate me and my hashtags Amigurumi Baby Asya Necessary materials: YarnArt Jeans yarn, Any color of your choice (main color for the body, for shoes and overalls, for a blouse, for socks and panties), Pekhorka yarn … Read more

Amigurumi Mınıons Free Pattern

Thanks to the Amigurumi minions pattern, you can knit minions for your children and make them happy. Free amigurumi minion pattern. Materials: 1. Yarn (on the sample, Vita cotton lira yarn) • Yellow • Grey • White • Black 2. Hook 1.3 3. Filler 4. Stitching needles 5. Pieces of felt • Black • Brown … Read more

Amigurumi camel Free Pattern

SYMBOLS MR – amigurumi ring SC – single crochet HDC – half double crochet İNC – increase DEC – decrease CH – air loop (… SC) – the total number of bars in the row SL-ST – connecting post Note! The toy is knitted in a circle, without lifting air loops (a new row begins … Read more

Amigurumi Tıger Cub Free Pattern

TIGER CUB MATERIALS: 1. Yarn Art Dolce or Hamalaya Dolphin Baby (half skein). I used Yarn Art Dolce color 778 (brick) and Himalaya Dolphin Baby 80315 (turquoise). 2. Alize Softy yarn in black for stripe embroidery. You can embroider stripes with any other yarn of your choice. 3. Black thread for embroidery of the nose … Read more