Amigurumi Bunny Watermelon Free Pattern

This master class is my development and is intended for your personal use only!

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Yarn “YarnArt Jeans” No. 62 (white) for the body

Yarn “YarnArt Jeans” No. 59

Yarn “YarnArt Jeans” No. 52

A bit of black and pale pink yarn for the face design.

Hook # 2, sewing needle, scissors.

Buttons for dress 2 pieces.

The filler is holofiber.

Safety eyes or beads with a diameter of 9mm.

Black beads.


MR – amigurumi ring

SC – single crochet

CH – air loop

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease

SL-ST – connecting post

(…) – the number in brackets means the number of loops in a row

(…) * x – repeat X times indicated in brackets

DC – double crochet


1st row: 6SC in MR

2nd row: İNC in each loop (12)

3rd row: (1 SC, İNC) * 6 (18)

4th row: (2 SC, İNC) * 6 (24)

5 row: (3 SC, İNC) * 6 (30)

6 row: (4 SC, İNC) * 6 (36)

7 row: (5 SC, İNC) * 6 (42)

8 row: (6 SC, İNC) * 6 (48)

9 row: (7 SC, İNC) * 6 (54)

10-13 row: 54 SC (4 rows)

14 row: (8SC, İNC) * 6 (60)

15 row: (9SC, İNC) * 6 (66)

Rows 16-22: 66SC (7 rows)

23 row: (9SC, DEC) * 6 (60)

24 row: (8SC, DEC) * 6 (54)

25 row: (7SC, DEC) * 6 (48)

26 row: (6SC, DEC) * 6 (42)

27 row: (5SC, DEC) * 6 (36)

28 row: (4SC, DEC) * 6 (30)

29 row: (3SC, DEC) * 6 (24)

30 row: (3SC, DEC) * 6 (20)

Fill the head tightly with filler. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving a long tip for sewing to the body.


1st row: 6SC in MR

2nd row: İNC in each loop (12)

3rd row: (3SC, İNC) * 3 (15)

4-5 row: 15SC (2 rows)

6 row: (4SC, İNC) * 3 (18)

7 row: (5SC, İNC) * 3 (21)

8-18 row: 21SC (11 rows)

19 row: (5SC, DEC) * 3 (18)

20 row: (1SC, DEC) * 6 (12)

Fold the eyelet and knit on both sides of the 6SC.

Leave the thread for sewing. You don’t need to stuff your ears.


1st row: 6SC in MR

2nd row: İNC in each loop (12)

3rd row: (3SC, İNC) * 3 (15)

4-7 row: 15SC (4 rows)

8 row: (3SC, DEC) * 3 (12)

9-26 row: 12SC (18 rows)

Fold the handle in half and connect 6 SC. The second handle is knitted in the same way.

We stuff the handles in the knitting process: fill the bottom very tightly, middle middle, top

part (about 1-2 cm) can not be stuffed.

Feet and legs

1st row: Cast on a chain of 9 CH Starting from the second loop from the hook: 7SC, 3SC in one

loop. On the other side of the chain: 6SC, 3SC in one loop. (nineteen)

Row 2: 8SC, İNC for next 3 loops, 7SC, İNC for next 3 loops. (25)

3rd row: 6 SC, (1SC, İNC) * 3, 2SC, İNC, 3SC, (1SC, İNC) * 3 (32)

4th row: 32SC for back loop.

5-8 row: 32SC (4 rows)

9 row: 6 SC, 6DEC, 14SC (26)

10 row: 3SC, 6DEC, 11SC (20)

11-12 row: 20SC (2 rows)

13 row: with green thread we make a strapping for the front wall 20SC.

Change the thread to white:

13 row: behind the back wall 18SC, DEC (19)

14-31 row: 19SC (18 rows)

Cut the thread. We fill in the detail as we knit. We knit two legs, on the second leg

we do not cut the thread. We do 3CH between the legs, so in a circle we get

44 SC.


1st row: 44SC

2nd row: (10SC, İNC) * 4 (48)

3-12 rows: 48SC (10 rows)

13 row: (6SC, DEC) * 6 (42)

14-16 row: 42SC (3 rows)

17 row: (5SC, DEC) * 6 (36)

Row 18-20: 36SC (3 rows)

21 row: (4SC, DEC) * 6 (30)

22-24 row: 30SC (3 rows)

25 row: (3SC, DEC) * 6 (24)

Row 26-27: 24SC (2 rows)

28 row: (3SC, DEC) * 4 (20)

Row 29: 20SC

Finish knitting. Fill the body tightly.


We make a peephole tightening. The eyes are located between 15 and 16 rows, the distance between them is approximately 6SC. We mark these points with pins. For tightening we take a long needle with a thread and insert it into the base of the head, and bring it out in the place marked pin. We retreat to the side of 1SC, insert the needle there and bring it to the base of the head.

Can be repeated twice. Tighten and tie the ponytails at the base of the head strong knot. Repeat the same with the second eye.

Now we sew bead eyes into the resulting dimples. All the knots and tails

we bring it to the base of the head, then it will all hide in the neck.

We design the muzzle. We embroider a nose, a mouth, then cilia and eyebrows.

Next, we sew the head to the body. After you’ve almost sewn it on, don’t forget to strength, add a little more filler to the neck.

Sew the handles, stepping back about 3 rows from the head. Next, fold the ears in half and sew on.

We put on a chain of 40 CH, connect into a ring using SL-ST and knit 8 rows

40 SC each. We tie the finished piece with green yarn.

Middle of the bow (green):

1st row: we collect a chain of 14CH. We knit 13SC from the second loop from the hook.

2nd row: 1CH, 13SC

3rd row: 1CH, 13SC

Finish knitting, leaving the thread for sewing. Sew the middle to the base bow. Sew the bow between the ears.

The dress is removable, fastens at the back with two buttons.

The top of the dress is knitted in swivel rows.


1st row: we cast on 7CH for the loop, connect the SL-ST, then we cast on a chain of 26CH

2 row: from the second loop from the hook we knit 25SC, we make a turn

3rd row: 2CH rise, knit with double crochet: İNC in each loop – 50DC, turn

4th row: 2CH lift, 50DC, turn

5 row: 7CH for the eyelet, connect the SL-ST in the first loop of the row. Next, we knit a row SC: 1CH,

7SC, 3CH, next 11 loops pr omit, 14SC, 3CH, skip next 11 loops,

7SC turn (32)

6 row: 2CH, 10DC, İNC, 10DC, İNC, 12DC (36)

7 row: 2CH, 36DC

8 row: 2CH, İNC in each loop DC (72)

We make SL-ST at the beginning of the row, then we knit in a circle. Each row starts with a 2CH rise and

ending SL-ST.

9-14 row: 72DC (6 rows)

Change the thread to white:

15 row: 72DC

Change to green:

16 row: 72DC

17 row: we make a strapping of the edge: 6SC in one loop, skip the loop, 1SC, skip

loop, 6SC in one loop, skip the loop, 1SC, skip the loop and so on to the end of the row.

Sew on buttons. We decorate the bottom of the dress with beads, you can also embroider the seeds black yarn.

We dress up a bunny in a dress.

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