Amigurumi Dwarf Oliver Free Pattern

Amigurumi Dwarf Oliver Free Pattern Crochet workshop

“Dwarf Oliver” Good day you! ATTENTION!!! My Oliver’s size is 25cm

This master class is intended for personal use.

Let’s appreciate each other’s work!

For knitting you will need:

– yarn. I usually knit from plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin baby.

– black thread for eye embroidery, I have Alize cotton gold;

– Himalaya Koala – for pussies on legs and a pompon on a hat;

– hook number 3.5;

– a needle with a blunt end;

– eyes on a screw or other mount I have 14 mm;

– scissors;

– filler (synthetic winterizer or holofiber);

– a piece of flat plastic for the sole;

– glue-gel second.

My Oliver’s size is 25cm


CH – air loop;

SC – single crochet;

HDC – half double crochet; video half column with

yarn over

SL-ST – connecting post;

DEC – decrease – knit 2 loops with one; most often I do the deductions by only clinging to the front wall of the hinge.

First the first, then the second, and then the working thread.

(unless otherwise stated); Video reduction

İNC – increase, knit 2 loops in one loop;

Video add-on

BLO – hinge back wall; Video-ZSP

MR – amigurumi ring; Video-MR

() * – what to repeat the specified number of times in brackets;

() – the number of loops that should be the result.

The toy is knitted in a spiral without lifting loops.

Unless otherwise stated in the description.





Offsets depend on yarn and knitting style


2 details

We start with powdery yarn Fill not tightly. Very top do not stuff your hands at all

1.4CH, second from INC hook,

1SC, 3SC in the last loop, by the other side of the chain 2SC (8)

2. 2İNC, 1SC, 3İNC, 1SC, İNC (14)

3.14 SC

4.1SC, 1 column with 2 yarn over, DEC, (2SC, DEC) * 2, DEC (10)

5.DEC, 1SC, DEC, 1SC, 2DEC (6)

Change of thread to milk At the same time, leave a long ponytail (about 60cm) in front knitting for tying sleeves.

After knitting the 7th row – return and tie. Thread to withdraw inside. Tie with another milk tail.

You can not leave the tail, but connect after and also tie around the sleeve.

6. 6İNC (12)

7 – 13.12SC

14. (1SC, DEC) * 4 (8)


Cut the thread, fasten.


2 details

Fill tight

We start with sandy yarn

video – legs and beginning of the body

1.6SC in MR

2.6İNC (12)

3. (1SC, İNC) * 6 (18)

4.18SC for BLO

5.6. 18SC

Turn inside out.

Glue a circle from plastic plate for the most sole. Turn on the face.

Video – how to glue plate

7.6DEC, 6SC (12)

8. (2SC, DEC) * 3 (9)

Change the thread to milk.

Bring out the sand thread before knitting

9.9 SC for BLO dairy.

Pull out the hook.

Enter from the place of the color change under front floor hinge.

9 SC for the front wall of the hinge sandy.

Sand cut, fix, bring to the inside. Tie up with milk tail.

10.9 SC

Change thread to blue

11. For the front wall of the 9INC hinge (18)

12. For BLO 18SC


On the first leg SL-ST, cut and fasten the thread.

On the second, if necessary, knit 1-3SC, so that the hook is in the center of the side of the leg.

Connect the first leg. Putting so that the toes of both legs looked forward (one way)

14. Knit on the first leg of 18SC, then on 2nd 18SC (36)

Then we knit the body.


Fill tight

15 – 18.36SC

Change of thread to milk

Draw the blue thread before knitting

19. For BLO dairy 36SC

20. (4SC, DEC) * 6 (30)

21. (3SC, DEC) * 6 (24)

Pull the hook out of the loop and insert a loop under the front floor of blue color.

Knit 36SC, SL-ST. Legs away from you.

Bring the thread inside. Tie up with milk tail. Or you can leave the blue thread and when the body is ready to tie the strap from CH.

(Description of the shoulder strap below)

22, 23.24SC

24. (2SC, DEC) * 6 (18)

25.4SC, 4SC together with hand (through 3 canvases: 1 body and 2 arms), 6SC,

4 we knit our hands together with the hand – video

It happened to me. You, perhaps it will turn out differently.

Be guided by your toy.

26. (4SC, DEC) * 3 (15)

Change of color to light powder.

Remove the milk thread before knitting

Then we knit the head.


Fill tight

video – the beginning of the head and collar

27.15İNC (30)

28. (1SC, İNC) * 15 (45)

Tie a milk thread collar around the neck.

Cut off the milk thread. Secure. Withdraw inside. Tie off with powdery.

29-36. 45SC

37. DEC, 5SC, DEC, 5SC, DEC, 29SC (42)

38. (5SC, DEC) * 6 (36)

The eyes are inserted between 6m and 7m near the head. Between through the eyes of 2SC.

39. (4SC, DEC) * 6 (30)

40. (3SC, DEC) * 6 (24)

41. (2SC, DEC) * 6 (18)

42. (1SC, DEC) * 6 (12)

43.6DEC (6)

Cut the thread.

I tighten the hole after shaping the head.


1. Embroider with black thread eyelashes and eyebrows

2. Embroider nose and mouth Pull the hole on the head

3. Tie in hair.

I knit in single crochet pulling back the eyelet before knit.

4. Embroider fluffs and a button on the boots panties. gnova head design – video gnome body design – video Pant strap

1. Insert the hook where we left offvtie the pants.

Dial 25CH (measure according to your gnome)

2. Knit back along the chain of CH starting from the second loops from the hook 24SC, SL-ST in the edge of the pants.

Cut the thread. Secure. Sew on the strap at the front.


To fill a little

1.6SC in MR

2.6İNC (12)


4.6DEC (6)

Cut the thread

Pull the hole

You can leave the tail and sew it to cap pompon.


We start in blue

1.6SC in MR


Change of thread to milk.

Next, we knit the floor with double crochet, up to last row.

3. (2HDC, İNC) * 2 (8)

Change of thread to blue.

Further, every even row is blue.

Each odd row is milk.


5. (3HDC, İNC) * 2 (10)


7. (4HDC, İNC) * 2 (12)


9. (5HDC, İNC) * 2 (14)


11. (6HDC, İNC) * 2 (16)


13. (7HDC, İNC) * 2 (18)


15. (8HDC, İNC) * 2 (20)


17. (9HDC, İNC) * 2 (22)


19. (10HDC, İNC) * 2 (24)


21. (11HDC, İNC) * 2 (26)


23. (12HDC, İNC) * 2 (28)


25. (13HDC, İNC) * 2 (30)


27. (4HDC, İNC) * 6 (36)

28. (5HDC, İNC) * 6 (42)

29. (6HDC, İNC) * 6 (48)

30. (7HDC, İNC) * 6 (54)

31. (8HDC, İNC) * 6 (60)

32. (9HDC, İNC) * 6 (66)




36.66SC, knitting an elastic band

Cut the thread, fasten, hide the tail.

Sew on a pompom.

Your gnome is ready!

Celebrate I will be glad look at your creation!

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