Amigurumi Cat Free Pattern

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YARN pekhorka children’s novelty

The color of St. gray 08

Eyelets 12mm


CH-air loop

SC single crochet


Decrease -DEC

The cat is tied with the usual, standard

way, it turns out 23-24cm


1p-6 into magic ring


3p-1sc inc.6p(18)

4p-2sc inc.6time(24)

5p-3sc inc.6time(30)

6p-4sc inc.6times(36)

7p-5sc inc.6times(42)

8p-42sc unchanged(42)

9r-6sc inc.6times(48)

10r-7sc inc.6times(54)

11r-15r-54sc unchanged 5 rows (54)

16p-17sc. 6inc.8sc. 6inc.17sc.(66)

17r-20r.-66sc unchanged 4 rows (66)

21p-9sc dec.6times(60)

22r-8sc dec.6times(54)

23r-7sc dec.6times(48)

24r-6sc dec.6times(42)

25r-5sc dec.6times(36)

26r-4sc dec.6times(30)

27r-3sc dec.6times(24)

cut the thread, hide, stuff to make a tightening

Ears 2 parts

1r-6 into magic ring

2p 1sc inc. 3 times(9)

3p-2sc inc.3 times(12)

4p-3sc inc.3 times(15)

5p-4sc inc.3 times(18)

6p-5sc inc.3 times(21)

7p-21sc no change

Fold in half, knit together

Muzzle in white

1p-6 into magic ring


3p-1sc inc.6times (18)

4p-18sc no change

cut the thread, leave a long end for sewing

UPPER LEGS 2 parts

1p-6 into magic ring


3p-1sc inc.6p(18)

4p-6p-18sc unchanged 3rd row(18)

7p-6sc 3dec.6sc(15)

8p-27p-15sc no change 20 rows(15)

Fold in half, knit together


1r-6 into magic ring


3r-26r-12sc unchanged 24 rows (12)



1p-6 into magic ring


3p-1sc inc.6p(18)

4p-2sc inc.6time(24)

5p-3sc inc.6time(30)

6r-8r- no change 30sc 3 rows (30)

9p-9sc 6dec 9sc(24)_

10p-6sc 6dec 6sc(18)

11p-6sc 3dec 6sc(15)

12r-14r- no change 15sc 3 rows (15)

15r-4sc inc.3 times(18)

16r-18r- unchanged 18sc 3 rows (18)

19r-5sc inc. 3 times(21)

20p-22p-no change 21sc

We cut the thread at the first foot, knit 8sc additionally at the second

You may have a different quantity, align with the inside


4c.p. attaching the second leg

1p-21sc on the ng 4sc on the chain 21sc on the leg 4sc on the chain(50)

2p-20sc 6inc.20sc4prue(60)

3p-9p- no change 60sc 7rows (60)

4p-8sc dec. 6 times(54)

5p-6p-no change 54sc 2rows(54)


7p-7sc dec.6times(48)

8p-9p-no change 2 rows (48)

10r-6sc dec.6times(42)

11r-12r—no change 2 rows (42)

13r-5sc dec.6times(36)

14r-4sc dec.6times(30)

15r-17r-no change 30sc 3 rows (30)

18r-3sc dec.6times(24)

19r-21r-no change 24sc 3 rows (24)

Cut the thread, leave a long end for sewing

You can tighten the buttocks, upper legs, lower legs, navel

We do the tightening of the priests BEFORE sewing on the tail


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