Amigurumi Tıger Cub Free Pattern

TIGER CUB MATERIALS: 1. Yarn Art Dolce or Hamalaya Dolphin Baby (half skein). I used Yarn Art Dolce color 778 (brick) and Himalaya Dolphin Baby 80315 (turquoise). 2. Alize Softy yarn in black for stripe embroidery. You can embroider stripes with any other yarn of your choice. 3. Black thread for embroidery of the nose … Read more

Amigurumi Tiger Cub Free Pattern

Knitted Tiger Cub Cupid. Materials and tools for knitting a tiger cub. Yarn in three colors: orange, black and white. I knitted my tiger cubs from different yarns: from semi-wool “Semenovskaya” OLGA, from Alize Superlana Klasik and Adelia Kiss yarn. Hook of the right size. For knitting a tiger cub from all the listed types … Read more

Amigurumi Tiger Striped Free Pattern

Amigurumi Tiger Striped Striped List of Recommended Materials 1. Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby (or YarnArt Dolce) for the body orange (1 – 2 skeins), white (1 skein). * For a white tiger – 2 – 2, 5 skeins. 2. White – YarnArt Jeans’s for embroidering stripes and whites of the eyes. Black – for eyebrows, … Read more

Amigurumi Tiger Cub Free Pattern

Amigurumi Tiger Cub Free Pattern The toy is crocheted. Suitable for children, therefore without a frame. Handles, legs knitted, you do not need to sew them. But you have to be a little patient when creating his “trademark” smile – the whole success of the event depends on it. The height of the tiger cub … Read more