Amigurumi Mini cat Free Pattern

Mini cat Necessary materials:

1. Plush yarn (120m/100g) I used Himalaya Dolphin Baby: red color #80368)

2. Filler holofiber or sintepukh

3. eyes on a secure mount, size 12mm

4. Spout on a secure mount 14mm

5. Hook number 4.5

6. A little black cotton or acrylic thread to decorate the muzzle

7. Needle and thread for sewing

8. Scissors

9. Row start marker

10. Lighter


KA – amigurumi ring

CH – air loop

SC – single crochet

İNC – increase (knit 2 SC in one loop of the previous row)

DEC – decrease (knit 2 SC together in one loop)

(…)*х – repeat the combination in brackets X times

3 Handles: (2 parts)

1) 6SC

2) 6-İNC

3) 12SC

4) 3SC,3DEC,3SC (9)

If you knit a toy of 2 colors, now change the color

5-9) 9SC(5p)

We fill the handle to 5 rows, close 4SC


1) 6SC per ring

2-14) 6SC close 3SC

If the cat has 2 colors, then we change the color of the thread in the tail after the 4th row

The tail is not stuffed

4 Legs – body:


1) 6SC

2) 6-İNC

3) (3SC,İNC)*3 (15)

4) 15SC

5) 5SC,3DEC,4SC (12)

6) 4SC,2DEC,4SC (10)

In this place we change the color of the yarn

7-9) 10SC

On the left leg we make a connecting post and cut off the thread On the right leg we make several offset posts (I have 4SC) to the middle of the inside of the leg

Body: 2CH

We attach to the second leg with SC, the legs look away from you

1) 10 SC (including SC connections), 1SC in connection, 2SC, 1SC in connection, 10SC, 2İNC in overhead loops (28)

If the description is difficult, watch the video. The description contains the necessary time codes for your convenience.

2) 12SC, İNC, 15SC (29)

3) 29SC

4) 26SC,DEC,1SC (28)

55) 25SC, 3SC with tail

6) 5SC,DEC, 12SC,DEC,7SC (26)

7) 26SC

8) 11CH, DEC, 10SC, DEC, 1SC (24)

9) 24SC

10) (2SC,DEC)*6 (18)

11) 2SC, 4SC with handle, 5SC, 4SC with handle, 3SC

12) (1SC, DEC) * 6 (12), cut the thread


1) 4SC

2) (İNC, 1SC)*2

If the cat has 2 colors, change the thread now

3) (İNC, 2SC)*2

4) (1SC, İNC)*4

Close 6SC


1) 6SC

2) 6-İNC

3) (1SC,İNC)*6 (18)

Changing thread color

4) 6SC,6İNC,6SC (24)

5) 5SC,(3SC,İNC)*3.7SC (27)

6) (İNC,8SC)*3 (30)

At this stage, we change the color of the thread for the Siamese cat

6) (4SC,İNC)*6 (36)

8-10) 36SC (3p)

11) (4SC,DEC)*6

At this stage, insert the eyes between 4 and 5 side by side, between the legs 7SC Spout between 2 and 3 side by side

Full video on knitting and tightening the head with time codes

Stuffing the head, finishing knitting

12) (3SC,DEC)*6

13) (2SC,DEC)*6

14) (1SC,DEC)*6

15) 6DEC, pull off the ring

We tighten the head point by point, then without cutting the thread we tighten the muzzle, wrap the thread from the point at the bottom of the head around the nose, pull it a little, insert the needle again at point 1, bring it out with a tray, and pull it again, tie the threads and hide. We make eyebrows between 7 and 8 rows, sew the ears between 9 and 10 rows, sew the head to the body.

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