Elephant Amigurumi Free Pattern

Elephant THOMAS.

You can knit from any yarn you have – from fur, from smooth.

My elephant is connected from Kuzi Klulubochkin in one loose thread.

We knit finishing feet from acrylic of suitable thickness.

Hook 1.75. The height of the toy is 16cm.

The Elephant Girl is crocheted from Adelia Softy.

She got bigger. Her height is about 18 cm.


CH – air loop

MR – amigurumi ring

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet


We knit with the main yarn from the base up to the neck.

1p -6SC. in MR

2p -6İNC = 12p

3p – (1SC, İNC) x6 = 18p

4p – (2SC, İNC) x6 = 24p

5p – (3SC, İNC) x6 = 30p

6p-15p -30SC (10 rows)

16p – (3SC., DEC.) x6 = 24p

17r-19r – 24 SC (3 rows)

20r -6 SC., 6DEC., 6SC = 18p

mark the middle of the decreases with a marker, this is the breast of an elephant.

21r-22r – 18SC

Add filler. Insert cotter pin

23p – (1SC.,DEC.) x6 = 12p

24r – DECx6


We knit the main yarn from the neck up to the crown.

1p-6sc in mr

2p-İNC x 6 = 12p

3p-İNC x 12 = 24p

4p-(1SC., İNC.) x12 = 36p

5p-(2SC., İNC.) x12 = 48p

The part will fold a little, don’t worry, everything will straighten out later!

6p-12p-48SC (7 rows)

Connect the head to the body with a cotter pin.

13p-16SC.,8 DEC.,16SC = 40p

Put a marker in the middle of the reductions, this is the center of the muzzle.

This will then help us orient the body and head in the right position.

14r-12SC., 8 DEC., 12SC = 32p

15r- DEC., 28SC., DEC = 30p

16r-18r-30SC (3 rows)

19p-15 DEC = 15p

Stuff your head with filler in small portions to fill

evenly throughout the space, especially highlight the cheeks.

20p-(1SC.,DEC)x5 = 10p



1p-6sc in mr

2p-(1SC.,İNC) x 3 = 9p

3p-7p-9SC (5 rows)

8p-(2 SC., İNC) x3 = 12p

9r-13r-12 SC (5 rows)

14p-(3SC., İNC) x3 = 15p

15p-19p-15SC (5 rows)

20r-(4SC., İNC) x3 = 18p

21r-25r-18SC (5 rows)

Insert the wire, do not stuff it very tightly around it.

EARS. 2 details.

1p-6SC. in MR

2p-İNC x 6 = 12p

3p-İNC x 12 = 24p




7p-(6SC.,İNC)x6=48p tie CH and turn

8p-42SC (do not knit the remaining 6SC)

It turns out such a straight section (6 loops not knitted in the 8th row) on the ear, we will then attach it when we sew the ears to the head.

Sew on fabric (optional).

UPPER LEGS. 2 details.

We knit from the main yarn, do not stuff, insert a wire inside the foot for flexibility.

Put the filler a little in the palm of your hand, and then wrap the wire with adhesive tape and insert it into the handle.

1p-6sc in mr

2p-(1SC.,İNC) x3 = 9p

3p-22p- 9SC (20 rows)


Close the hole with a needle.

LEGS. 2 details.

We start knitting with finishing yarn (color of the sole).

If you want the beast to stand firmly, then you will need to cut and paste insoles made of dense material into the sole.

1p-6sc in mr

2p-6İNC = 12p



Switching to the main yarn

5p-18SC for rear hinges

6p-9p-18SC (4 rows)

Insert insoles

10p-6SC.,3DEC.,6SC =15p


12r-6SC., İNC.x3., 6SC = 18p

13p-16p-18SC (4 rows)


Add filler.




1p-14sc in 2nd st from hook

Leave a thread for sewing.


We have marked the breast and the center of the muzzle with markers, you need to combine them.

Let’s make a tightening for the cheeks.

With pins, mark the places where we will have eyes and a mouth.

Insert the needle at the bottom of the head in the place where you want to make a mouth, pull out the needle in the right eye, just in the place where we made reductions on the muzzle, take a small step and return to the mouth, pull the thread.

Then insert the needle into the left eye, take a step and return to the mouth.

Pull the thread and fasten in the mouth. Cheeks immediately rounded.

Shape the eyes, embroider the eyebrows. Apply tint.

Now attach the trunk to the convex part of the mordeni, insert the wire into the head, sew the trunk in a circle.

Ears can be sewn on and applied as you like, play with them, because the image of an elephant will change.

If your yarn was not very furry, then those places where we made additions will be clearly visible on the trunk. So these places can be wrapped with yarn and pulled a little, make such 3 constrictions. We will apply tinting for beauty on these constrictions.

Attach the handle-legs with a thread fastener.

Embroider nails on the legs. Sew the tail in the right place.

I also molded a small tongue out of plastic, then glued it into the hole where the mouth is.

Toning, eye design, clothes, it’s all at your discretion and desire.

Our elephant Thomas is ready!!!!!

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