Amigurumi Little Mouse Free Pattern

The size of the finished toy (when using the specified materials) – 14 cm

Difficulty level – easy

Necessary materials:

– the yarn they are used to knitting, I have gazzal baby cotton:

peach, white, brown, black, grey, blue colors

– hook, needle

– eyes, filler, black monofilament for antennae

– some floss to embroider the nose


MR – amigurumi ring

ch – air loop

sc – single crochet

hdc – double crochet

dc – single crochet table

inc – increase

inc hdc – inc from half-columns with a crochet

dec – decrease


gray yarn

1r. 6 sc in MR

2r. (sc, inc) *3 times

3-5r. 9sc Thread change

6r. (2sc, inc) *3 times

7r. For back loop 12sc

8r. 12sc change to blue yarn

9-10r. 12sc Thread change

11-12 p. 12sc

13r. Fold in half 6sc

Return to the 7th row and work 12sc behind the front half loops


1r. 4sc in MR

2-4 p. 4sc

5r. Inc, 3sc

6-8r. 5sc

9r. Inc, 4sc

10-12 rub. 6sc

13r. inc, 5sc

14-18 p. 7sc

19r. Inc, 6sc

20-24r. 8sc

Cut the thread and leave for sewing


Only 4 parts (2 beige and 2 gray, do not cut the thread on gray)

1r. 6 sc in MR

2r. 6inc

3r. (sc, inc)* 6 times

4r. (inc, 2sc)* 6 times

5r. (3sc, inc)* 6 times

6r. (inc, 4sc)* 6 times

Fold the two pieces (grey and beige) inside out and join them together, knitting (5sc, inc)* 6 times.

Cut the thread, leaving for sewing


Left leg

1r. 6sc in MR

2r. (inc, sc) *3 times

3-4r. 9sc change thread to gray

5r. 9sc

6r. (inc, 2sc)*3 times

7r. 12sc

8r. (3sc, inc)*3 times

9-12 p. 15sc



1p.6sc in MR

2-5r. 6sc. Change the thread to gray

6r. 6inc

7r. 12sc

8r. (inc, 3sc)*3 times

9-12 p. 15sc the thread is not cut, we will knit the body


We collect from the right leg 3ch and start knitting on the left

1r. 15sc left leg, 3sc ch, 15sc right leg, 3sc ch

2r. (7sc, inc) *2 times, sc, (inc, 7sc) *2 times, inc, sc, inc

3r. İnc, 14sc, (inc, 2sc) *2 times, inc, 14sc, (inc, 2sc) *2 times

4-7r. 48 sc. Change the thread to white

8-10r. 48sc change to blue

11r. (6sc, dec)*6 times

12 rubles 42 sc. change to white thread

13r. (5sc, dec)*6 times

14-15 p. 36sc change to blue yarn

16r. 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec)*5 times, 2sc

17r. 30sc, change the thread to white

18r. 30sc

Here we make a decrease and knit our hands (or you can sew them separately later)

19r. 3sc, dec, together with hand 3sc, dec, 1sc with last loop of hand, 2sc, dec, 3sc, dec, together with hand 3sc, dec, 1sc with last loop of hand, 2sc, dec

20 r. 24sc change to blue yarn

21r. (dec, 2sc)*6 times

22r. 18sc. change the thread to gray

23r. (1sc, dec) * 6 times cut the thread leaving a long tip for sewing


1r. 6 sc in MR

2r. 6sc

3r. (sc, inc) *3 times

4r. 9sc

5r. 3sc, 3inc, 3sc

6r. 12sc

7r. (sc, inc)*6 times

8r. 18sc

9r. (2sc, inc)*6 times

10 rub. 6sc, 12inc, 6sc

11r. (5sc, inc) *6 times

12 r. 3sc , (inc, 6sc) *5 times, inc, 3sc

13r. 48

14r. 16sc, (inc, 3sc)* 2 times, inc, 2sc, (inc, 3sc)* 2 times, inc, 12sc (54)

15-22r. 54sc

23r. (7sc, dec)* 6 times

24r. 3sc, (dec, 6sc) *5 times, dec, 3sc

You can start stuffing, and if you use safety eyes, then insert between 10 and 11 rows, 6sc between them

25 rub. (5sc, dec)* 6 times

26r. (4sc, dec)* 6 times

27r. (3sc, dec)* 6 times

28r. (2sc, dec)* 6 times

29r. (sc, dec)* 6 times

30 r. 6dec

Tie the hole, fasten the thread and hide


we type ch trying on a mouse’s head, I have it 50ch, but I think that a little more is possible.

We close in a ring and we knit half of the sc, then we do inchdc, dc, inc hdc, and then we do sc to the end


Perhaps someone knows the scheme of another pirate hat, you can knit it to his own. I have so

1r. 6sc in MR

2r. 6inc

3r. (sc, inc)*6 times

4r. (inc, 2sc)*6 times

5-8r. 24sc

9r. 24inc

10 r. 6sc, 12dc, 12sc, 12dc, 6sc

11r. white yarn 48sc

12 rubles black yarn 48sc

finish, you can leave the pancake thread to sew to the head of the mouse. May not be sewn


We make small tightenings in the area of \u200b\u200bthe eye and mouth. We take 3 points: 2 in the eye area (if you used safe eyes like I did, then we take the points right under the eyes) and the 3rd point in the mouth area. We insert the needle at point 3 (mouth) and bring it out to the 1st (one eye), leaving the long end of the thread, retreat 1sc and bring the needle out at the 3rd point (mouth), pull it up a little.

Then we do the same with the 2nd point. We make knots in the mouth area and hide the thread.

With the help of monofilament we make antennae for the mouse, and you can also make blush.

We sew the head, tail, fold the ears a little at the base and sew to the head as you like, either lower or higher. We embroider a small nose in pink. The little mouse is ready

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