Amigurumi Pajamas Mouse Free Pattern

Amigurumi Pajamas Mouse

For knitting you will need:

– yarn. I usually knit from Himalaya Dolphin baby plush yarn

– For the body Alize Puffy;

– Himalaya Koala – for pussies with legs and a mask;

– black thread for embroidery on the handles, I have Alize cotton gold;

– thread for sewing on the head to match the color of the head or body;

– hook number 4 or 3.5

– a needle with a blunt end;

– eyes on a screw or other mount (if you want a pajamas with eyes). I have 20 mm;

– scissors;

– filler (synthetic winterizer or holofiber);

– hat elastic with a retainer;

– marker or contrasting thread.

Pajamas size:

Full length 55cm

Excluding legs 46cm


SL-ST – connecting post;

SC – single crochet;

DEC – decrease – knit 2 loops with one; most often I do the deductions by only clinging to the front wall of the loop

First the first, then the second, and then the working thread. (unless otherwise stated); Video reduction

İNC – increase, knit 2 loops in one loop; Video add-on

MR – amigurumi ring; Video-MR

() * – what to repeat the specified number of times in brackets;

() – the number of loops that should be the result.

The toy is knitted in a spiral without lifting loops.

Unless otherwise stated in the description.


2 details

Fill not very tightly to keep the shape

1.8SC in MR

2.8İNC (16)

3. (1SC, İNC) * 8 (24)

4. (2SC, İNC) * 8 (32)

5. For RFP 32SC

6. For salary (2SC, DEC) * 8 (24)

7. (1SC, DEC) * 8 (16)

8.8DEC (8)

Fasten the thread.

Cut off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Pull off the hole.

Bring the thread to the edge of the eyelet.

Tie a knot.

We will sew with the same tail.


Fill tight

We start the nose with black yarn

1.6SC in MR

2. (2SC, İNC) * 2 (8)


4. (2SC, DEC) * 2 (6)

Change of thread to bodily

5.6İNC (12)

6. (1SC, İNC) * 6 (18)

7. (2SC, İNC) * 6 (24)


10.8SC, 8İNC from HDC, 8SC (32)

11.8SC, (1HDC, İNC from HDC) * 8, 8SC (40)

12.8SC, (İNC from HDC, 2HDC) * 8, 8SC (48)

13. (7SC, İNC) * 6 (54)

14. (8SC, İNC) * 6 (60)

Insert the eyes between the 10th and 11th rows.

Between the eyes 2SC.

15.16. 60SC

Change of thread to black. We do not cut off the bodily.

17. We knit in 2 threads, we raise – knit bodily black. 60SC Two Color Video Knitting

18. For RFP 60SC

19.20. 60SC

21. (8SC, DEC) * 6 (54)

22. (7SC, DEC) * 6 (48)

23. (6SC, DEC) * (42)

24. (5SC, DEC) * (36)

25. (4SC, DEC) * 6 (30)

26. (3SC, DEC) * 6 (24)

27. (2SC, DEC) * 6 (18)

28. (1SC, DEC) * 6 (12)

29.6DEC (6)

Cut the thread.

I tighten the hole after shaping the head.

Head decoration

1. Make a tightening:

Insert a needle and thread into the hole in the back and bring it to the inner corner of the right eye. Bring it out so that you leave a tail behind for tying. Introduce to the outer corner

right eye. Lead through the hole at the back

Insert again into the hole. Withdraw

into the outer corner of the left eye. Insert into the inner corner of the left eye.

Lead through the hole at the back

Shrink. tie ponytails.

Hide in the head.

2. One more tightening.

video – tightening

Insert the needle and thread from below.

About the center of the bottom of the head. Where is the border of flowers.

Bring it out to the outer corner of the right eye, so that the tail remains at the bottom for tying.

Insert into the outer corner of the left eye, bring it out next to the place where the needle was inserted, but not into the same hole. Shrink. Tie ponytails. Hide in the head.

3. Sew on the ears.

4. Embroider the mouth.

5. Embroider cilia.

6. Embroider bangs and sideburns – video

7.pull the hole on the back of the head – video



Fill not very tightly Fingers video – finger 4 on each hand

Do not fill

1.6SC in MR

2-4. 6SC

Cut the thread and fasten on

3x fingers

Tie the threads from the beginning and from the end.

Do not break the thread with the 4th finger.

We knit further on the hand.

video – tying fingers together

5. Attach a finger to knit 3SC on it, connect another finger and knit 6SC on it.

Knit 1SC grabbing the edge of the first and second fingers (the bases of the already knitted extreme loops, so that there are no holes)

Knit 3SC on your finger.

Knit 1SC by grabbing the edges of both fingers (the bases of the already knitted extreme loops so that there are no holes)

2SC (16) place a marker here – on the edge of the brush. But in the end we got 20 loops, we just did not tie 4.

6-7. 20SC how to knit a thumb – video

8. On the left hand we knit: 3SC through 2 canvases – thumb and hand, DEC, 2SC, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 2SC (15) On the right – 1SC, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 3SC through finger and hand together, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 1SC, DEC, 3SC (15)

9. (1SC, DEC) * 5 (10)

10.11 10SC

12. Knit 3SC, change thread to black now the beginning of the row here – put a marker.

We knit 10SC for zsp black, we leave black, we take white, we knit for the front floor loops 10SC, SL-ST in white – this is the cuff on the glove.

Cut and fasten the white thread. Bring to the wrong side, tie with black.

13. (3SC, DEC) * 2 (8)

14-33 (20 rows). 8SC

Cut the thread. Secure. Hide.

Embroider black lines on top of tassels.


Do not fill

1.6SC in MR

2- 31. (30 rows). 6SC

Cut the thread. Secure.



2 details

Fill only the bottom We start with the color of the shoes

1.10vp, starting from the second from the hook, İNC, 7SC, 3SC into the last loop, on the other side of the chain 8SC (20)

2. 2İNC , 7SC, 3İNC, 7SC, İNC (26)

3. (1SC, İNC) * 2, 7SC, (1SC, İNC) * 3, 8SC, İNC (32)

4. For RFP 32SC

5.6. 32SC

Knit 2SC so the marker is in the middle


7. 7SC, 9DEC, 7SC (23)

8.6SC, 5DEC, 7SC (18)

Change color to black

9. (1SC, DEC) * 6 (12)

10. (1SC, DEC) * 4 (8)

11-30. (20 rows) 8SC

Cut the thread. Secure.


Embroider pussies on shoes.


video – beginning of the body

1. Cut the first stitch. Count 18 stitches. Tie between the 18th and 19th ponytails from the beginning.

Thus making a ring.

Knit with face loops (LOOP)


3.2LOOP, 1LOOP through a loop on which to string a leg with a hook, 3LOOP, 1LOOP with a leg, 6LOOP, 1LOOP with a tail, 4LOOP video

4-14. 18LOOP video – body completion

15.1LOOP, 1LOOP with hand, 5LOOP, 1LOOP with hand, 10LOOP

16. Close the loops

17. Pull the loops of the working thread through the loops of the wrong side.

18. Close the loops.

Cut off the thread. Secure. Hide.

Sew on the head. Insert elastic with retainer.


1. Dial 33vp, loop.

Knit 33SC

2-7. 33SC

Knit 2SC to top

the ponytail was over the bottom.

Cut the thread, leaving a long tail.

Wrap a bow in the center. Tightening it up well.

Tie ponytails.

Sew on to the head.

Mask for sleep



1.8SC in MR

2.8İNC (16)

3.16İNC (32)

Cut the thread at the first detail.


Tying the second one. Take both parts

and fold to face each other.

Knit 5SC across 2 webs.

Cut the thread, fasten, hide.

Expand the mask.

Tie with fluffy yarn.

Make a rope from vp. To attach the mask to the head.

Embroider closed eyes.

Pajamas Mouse is ready!


I will be glad to admire your creation!

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