Amigurumi Mr. Mole Free Pattern

Terms Used:

Mr: Magic ring

Ch: Chain

SC: Single crochet

INC: Increase

DEC: decrease

Dc: Double crochet

Hdc: half double crochet

Blo: Knitting from the back half loop

SL-ST: slip-stitch

(…)*: The contents of the parentheses are repeated as many times as the number next to the asterisk.

!: Important notes


(404 can be used as an alternative color.)

– Catania 157

-Catania 404 (overalls)

-Catania 110 (nose)

-Catania 115 (hat)

-8mm eye with safety lock

-2.20 tulip crochet

-Bead fiber

– White embroidery floss for teeth and eyes

– 3 buttons

! The size of my Mr.Mole recipe is 22 cm. Toy size may vary due to material differences.

Arms (2 pcs)


1-) 6sc

2-) 6 Inc

3-18) Knit flat

! Fill the tip with fiber.

!! Let’s close the loops facing each other. Let’s leave a long rope to sew the arms to the head.

!!! To be sewn on the 36th and 37th rows of the trunk

Ears (2 pcs)


1-) 6sc

2-) 6 Inc

3-) (3sc,1inc)*3

4-9) The rows will be knitted flat.

! Let’s close the loops so that they coincide with each other, let’s leave a long thread for sewing.

!! Let’s sew the ears on the 56th and 58th rows.

Feet (2 pcs)

! We proceed by filling the recipe


1-) 6sc

2-) 6inc

3-) (3sc,1inc)*3

4-) Knit plain

5-) (2sc,1inc)*5

6-) 3sc,5inc,12sc

7-) Knit flat

😎 3sc,5dec,12sc

9-13) Knit flat

! do sl-st and finish.

!! Knit the other leg with the same recipe, we do not finish when it reaches the end (to join the two legs)


14-) We make 3 ch and combine it with the other foot.

15-27) We knit flat

28-)1dec, (5sc,1dec)*5, 9sc

29-) (4sc,1dec)*6, 4sc

30-) (3sc,1dec)*6, 4sc

31-35) We knit flat

36-)1dec, (2sc,1dec)*2, 1dec, (2sc,1dec)*4

37-39) We knit flat

! We are filling up.



41-) (2sc,1inc)*10



44-48) We knit flat

49-) (4sc,1dec)*10

!The eyes will be put on by leaving 7 stitches between the 49th and 50th rows.

50-54)We knit flat

55-)1dec, (6sc,1dec)*6

56-)1dec, (5sc,1dec)*6, 5sc






! We collect and close the loops by sewing.



1-) 2 ch 5dc

We close the loop and leave a long thread (for sewing.)


1-) 40 ch

2-) 7 ch back and sl-st 7. Knit straight from the 1st crochet.

3-) We knit flat.

4-) (3sc,1inc), (7sc,1inc)*3.5sc

5- (6sc,1inc), 8ch, 1inc,(8sc,1inc),8ch, 1inc, 5sc

6-7) We knit flat.


9-) (5sc,1inc),(9sc,1inc)*3, 11sc

10-) (2sc,1inc),(5sc,1inc)*8

11-) we knit flat.

12-) 7 ch back sl-st (8sc, 1inc)*6, 6sc

13-17)We knit flat

18-) 7ch go back sl-st, we knit flat.

19-20) We knit flat

21-) We continue knitting straight by combining the two ends.

22-27) We knit flat

We begin to knit the legs. You can get help from the photo below.

28-) By shifting 2sc, we make 2ch and cross 33sc

29-) We knit flat.

30-) (3sc, 1dec)*8, 1sc

we are finishing

! We attach a rope to the other leg and repeat the operations after the 20th row.

!! You can proceed with the embroidery on the overalls with the help of the photo.


! To be knitted as BLO

1-) 25 ch

2-) Back 1 ch hdc will be knitted flat

3-) 1ch back 9hdc, 5ch, 5 hdc we leave space 10 hdc

4-) 1ch back 10hdc, 5hdc to gap, 9hdc

5-6) We knit flat

7-) 1ch back 9hdc, 5ch, 5hdc we leave space, 10hdc

😎 1ch back 10hdc, 5hdc to gap, 9hdc

9-33) We knit flat

! We close the loops so that they are facing each other. We sew by collecting the apex.


– Eyebrows 52-54. It will be processed in rows, 6sc between two eyebrows will be left blank.

-Nose 47-49. Rows will be processed 3sc

-The mouth will be processed 3sc between 44-45 rows

-Teeth 43-44. Rows will be processed 2sc

-A dominant eye will be obtained by surrounding the eyes with a rope on both sides. The sides of the eyes will be embroidered with white thread.

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