Amigurumi Bee Mellifera Free Pattern

I am happy to see the queen bee with you. You can pin the photos on Pinterest. I wish you good braids Amigurumi Bee Mellifera Free Pattern Bee Mellifera


MR ring amigurumi

CH-air loop

SC single crochet



SL-ST – connecting post

DC – double crochet

BLO – back half loop



2-6inc (12sc)

3-5 12sc

6-(sc, dec)*4 (8sc)

7-( 8sc)

8sc between 8-30 rows is over.


1-MR 6sc

2-6in. (12sc)

3-(sc, inc)*6 (18sc)

4-(2sc, inc)*6 (24sc)

5-(sc, inc),(3sc,inc)*5, 2sc (30sc)

6-(4sc,inc)*6 (36sc)

7-(2sc,inc),(5sc,inc)*5.3sc (42sc)

8-(6sc,inc)*6 (48sc)

9-(3sc,inc),(7sc,inc)*5.4sc (54sc)

10-(8sc,inc)*6 (60sc)

11-(4sc,inc),(9sc,inc)*5.5sc (66sc)

12-21 (66sc)

22- skip 10sc,2ch, skip 2sc, skip 8sc,2ch, skip 2sc, knit remaining stitches

We will attach 10 mm eyes to the places where we draw 2ch in the 22nd row.

23-28 (66sc)

Now we will work the white part of the eyes with three layers of your amigurumi thread, the eyeliner part with twice the black thread, and for the eyebrows with a single layer of black thread.

29-(9sc,dec)*6. (60sc)

30-(3sc,dec),(8sc,dec)*5.5sc (54sc)

31-(7sc,dec)*6 (48sc)

32-(2sc,dec),(6sc,dec)*5.4sc (42)

33-(2sc,dec)*10.2sc (32sc)

34-(dec,2sc)*8 (24sc)

35-(2sc,dec)*6 (18sc) done


MR 6 hdc . Sl-st, cut 1ch long rope. Sew the ear to the place in the picture


Left foot

with yellow, 7ch, starting from the second chain,

1-inc,4sc,4sc into last loop, 4sc,inc (16sc)

2-sc, inc,3sc,(sc, inc)*3.4sc,inc (21sc)

3-2sc,inc,3sc,(2sc,inc)*3.5sc,inc (26sc)

4-3sc,inc,3sc,(3sc,inc)*3.6sc,inc (31sc)

5- Blo 31sc

6-8 (31sc)

9- 8sc,(3sc,dec)*3.8sc


11-8sc,4dec,8sc (20sc)

12-9sc,m,8sc (18sc)

13-8sc,m,7sc (16sc)

14-15 (16sc) sl-st, 1ch

with black;

16-17 (16sc) sl-st, 1ch

with yellow;

18-19 (16sc) sl-st,1ch

with black;

20-21 (16sc) sl-st, 1ch

with yellow;

22-23 (16sc),sl-st 1ch

with black;

24-25 (16sc),sl-st 1ch

with yellow;

26-27 (16sc),sl-st 1ch

with black;

28-29 (16sc) ,sl-st 1ch

With skin color;

30- Blo (16sc) note: Make frequent crochets on the flo with black thread.

31-32 (16sc)

33- dec(back should be in center),5sc,4inc,3sc,dec



36-inc,2sc,inc(side), 7sc, inc(side),2sc (17sc)

37-sc, inc, 15sc (18sc)


39-5sc,inc,10sc,inc,sc (20sc)

40-41-42- (20sc)

43- sc, inc, 3sc,inc,11sc,inc,2sc (23sc)


48-(20sc) done.

Right foot;

48-(23sc), let’s knit an extra 10sc, don’t cut your yarn. Now let’s move on to the body.


Let’s connect the right leg with the left leg with 4 ch.

1-(23sc), 4sc over 4ch, other leg (23sc), 4sc over 4ch.

Let’s attach our marker here (54sc)

The joint should be on the butt.

2-7 (54sc)

8-(7sc,dec)*6 (48sc)


11-(6sc,dec)*6 (42sc)

12-(5sc,dec)*6 (36sc)

13-27 (36sc)

28- Now we will join the arms, from the size 8sc, let’s combine the arms with the body with 3sc, let’s combine the arms with the body with 14sc,3sc from the front, knit 8sc from the back body. (36sc)

29- Let’s knit 8sc from the body, 5sc (remaining loops on the arm), 14sc from the front, 5sc (the remaining loops on the sleeve), 8sc from the back body (40sc)

You can insert the wire into the arms and body.

30- dec,6sc,dec,21sc,dec,5sc,dec (36sc)

31-(4sc,dec)*6 (30sc)

32-(3sc,dec)*6 (24sc)

33-(2sc,dec)*6 (18sc)

34-35-36-(18sc) finished, let’s cut the rope long.



1.80mm crochet, with black thread;

1- MR 6sc

2-6in (12sc)

3-BLO (sc, inc)*6 (18sc)

4-(2sc,inc)*6 (24sc)

5-BLO (3sc,inc)*6 (30sc)

6-(4sc,inc)*6 (36sc)

7-BLO (5sc,inc)*6 (42sc)

8-(6sc,inc)*6 (48sc)

9-(7sc,inc)*6 (54sc)

Let’s make 80sl-st on 81ch. In the 9th row, let’s apply this process to each loop.

Let’s make 80sl-st on 81ch on the blocks of the 7th, 5th and 3rd rows. But let’s repeat this process by skipping three stitches.

Let’s put the hair on our heads.


1.80 mm crochet, with black thread;

7ch, starting from the 2nd,

1-inc,4sc,4sc(to the same place),4sc,inc (16sc)

2-sc, inc, 3sc,(sc,inc)*3.4sc,inc (21sc)

3-2sc,inc,3sc,(2sc,inc)*3.5sc,inc (26sc)

4-3sc,inc,3sc,(3sc,inc)*3.6sc,inc (31sc)

5-4sc,inc,3sc,(4sc,inc)*3.7sc,inc (36sc)


7-Bpsc 36sc


11-(9sc),(4sc,dec)*3.9sc (33sc)

Let’s skip 12-(11sc),8ch, 13sc , 9sc. Our shoes are gone.



With 1,80mm hook, White;

1- MR 6sc

2-(6inc). (12sc)

3-(sc, inc)*6. (18sc)

4-(2sc,inc)*6. (24sc)

5-(3sc,inc)*6. (30sc)

6-(4sc,inc)*6. (36sc)

7-13- (36sc)

14-(4sc,dec)*6. (30sc)


17-(3sc,dec)*6. (24sc)


19-(2sc,dec)*6. (18sc)


27- Let’s combine it with 9sc mutually.

Note: the wings will not be filled with fiber.

Little Bees( 4pcs)

1.25mm crochet,

Yellow Lilac with 9 ply rope;

1-MR 6sc

2-6in. (12sc)

3-(sc, inc)*6. (18sc)


with black;


with yellow;


with black;


with yellow;

10-(sc, dec)*6. (12sc)

Black ;


Fill with 12-(12sc) fiber.

13-(sc, dec)*4. (8sc)

Close with a 14-8sc needle.

Wings of tiny bees;

9ch, starting from 2nd

SC, hdc, dc,tr,tr,dc,hdc,sc finished . Let’s cut the rope long and sew it on our bees.


Lilac 9 ply rope

with 1.25mm awl;




Fill it with fiber. Give it the shape of a bagel and sew it.


1-MR 6sc


Fill it with fiber. Give it the shape of a bagel and sew it.


1-MR 6sc


Fill it with fiber. Give it the shape of a bagel and sew it.

Put the sleeves on top of each other as small, medium and large.


Alize diva with black 1.50 mm crochet hook;

1-35ch, starting from 2nd 34sc, turn 1ch

Skip 2-5sc,7ch,5sc, 14sc,7ch, skip 5sc ,5sc turn 1ch

3-8 (38sc) turn 1ch

9-(38sc), 2ch turn

10-(38dcinc),sl-st 2ch

11-(dc , dcinc) repeat until the end of the row. slst 2ch

12-23 (114dc) finished.

To the end of the row, yellow to the dress’s flounce (3ch, sc into the side loop).

With white to the blo of the dress (5ch, sc in the side loop) to the end of the row.

the sleeve of the dress

1-(Let’s remove 16 loops) .(16sc)

2-(16hdcinc),sl-st 1ch (32hdc)

3-(hdc, hdcinc)*16

4-6 (48hdc)


8-9-10 (24sc)

Yellow to arm’s flock (3ch, sc to side loop) to end of row

With white on the blo of the sleeve (3ch, sc in the side loop) to the end of the row.

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