Amigurumi Tory The Frog Free Pattern

Tory the frog

 For knitting we need:

Jarnart jeans thread in the main color is about half a skein, and a little for limbs, tongue and skirt. Sintepon, glue or plug-in eyes 0’7, wire.


into magic ring – Amigurumi ring

ch – air loop

Sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

M- double decrease (three half loops on the hook)

sl-st – connecting post

inc – increase

dec- decrease

(………) * br – knit specified in brackets 6 times

PS – offset loop

Flo – front half loop Blo – back loop

POV – turn the row.


White thread

1.6Sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3. (1Sc, inc) ‘6 (18)

4-5. 18Sc, cut, attach green thread

6.for Flo (2Sc, inc) ‘6 (24)

7-8. 24Sc

9.together with Blo 6th row (2Sc, dec) ‘6 (18) (for the first eye do sl-st at the end of the row)

10. without removing the thread from the second eye, we continue to knit – for the 1st eye 18Sc, for the 2nd eye 18Sc, sl-st. (36) thread cut

Fingers only 12pcs, dec 8 fingers cut off the thread, do not break the thread in 4x!

1.6Sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3-4. 12Sc

5.6dec (6)

6-7. 6Sc, sl-st

For those who wanted fingers free!

Marker strictly on the side of the foot and palm!


(I have) bright pink.

We collect 12 ch, with the 2nd we knit

1.inc, 9Sc, 3Sc at 1, 9Sc, inc (25)

2-3. 25Sc

4. (3Sc, dec) ‘2, 6Sc, dec, 2Sc, dec, 3Sc (21)


6. (2Sc, dec) ‘2, 5Sc, (dec, 2Sc)’ 2 (17)


8.3Sc, 3ch, skip 3p, 7Sc, inc, 3Sc (18)

9. (1Sc, dec) ‘6 (12)

10.6dec, sl-st (6), close knit.


(I have) bright pink

We collect 10ch, with the 2nd we knit

1.inc, 7Sc, 3Sc at 1, 7Sc, inc (21)

2-3. 21Sc

4. (2Sc, dec) ‘2, 5Sc, (dec, 2Sc)’ 2 (17)


6.2Sc, dec, 1Sc, dec, 3Sc, dec, 1Sc, dec, 2Sc (13)

7.dec, 11Sc (12)

8. 6dec, cut the thread, then change to green. I inserted the frame only when I knitted my hands, it’s more convenient for me.

Considering that everyone is knitting from different threads, we do not know the size of the finished toy and we cannot cut the wire correctly. Therefore, do whatever is convenient for you. One wire will go from the toes from the right foot to the left hand, the second from the left foot to the right hand, the third from the horseshoe from foot to foot (into the second fingers), the fourth from one hand to the other (into the second fingers).


continue pink, hold the marker on the side on the first finger

1.3Sc for 1 finger, 3Sc for 2nd, 6Sc for 3rd, 3Sc for 2nd, 3Sc for 1st (18)

2. (1Sc, dec) ‘6 (12)

3.6dec (6) cut off

4-5. green 6Sc

6.inc, 5 (7)

7.inc, 6 (8)

8.inc, 7 (9)

9.inc, 8 (10)

10.inc, 9 (11)

11.inc, 10 (12)

12.6dec (6)


14.6inc (12)

15-17. 12Sc

18. (3Sc, inc) ‘3 (15)

19-20. 15Sc, sl-st. Cut off


continue with pink, marker on the side on the first finger

1.3Sc for 1 finger, 3Sc for 2nd, 6Sc for 3rd, 3Sc for 2nd, 3Sc for 1st (18)

2. (1Sc, dec) ‘6 (12)

3.2Sc, 3ch, 3Sc skip, 7Sc (12)

4.6dec (6), sl-st close the hole, align the marker on the heel

5.Starting from the middle of the heel, cast 6Sc on ch and skipped loops

6.6Sc, change to green


8.inc, 5 (7)

9.inc, 6 (8)

10.inc, 7 (9)

11.inc, 8 (10)

12.inc, 9 (11)

13.inc, 10 (12)

14.6dec (6)


16. 6inc (12)

17-19. 12Sc

20. (3Sc, inc) ‘3 (15)

21-22. 15Sc

23. (4Sc, inc) ‘3 (18)


25.9dec, sl-st (9), cut off


green, marker STRICTLY in the center of the back from the 5th row !!

1.6Sc into magic ring

2.6inc (12)

3. (1Sc, inc) ‘6 (18)

4. (2Sc, inc) ‘6 (24)

5.6Sc, 5Sc + 5Sc legs together, 2Sc, 5 + 5, 6Sc (24)

6.6Sc, 4Sc for leg, 2inc, 4Sc for leg, 6Sc (24)

7. (3Sc, inc) ‘6 (30)

8. (4Sc, inc) ‘6 (36)

9. (5Sc, inc) ‘6 (42)

10. (6Sc, inc) ‘6 (48)

11-12. 2dec, 18Sc, 4inc, 18Sc, 2dec (48), do not cut the thread, replace with St.

pink (skirt row!)

13. St. pink 48Sc, thread forward between the loops of the last Sc, end with green

14.green for Blo 48Sc

15. (3Sc, dec, 3Sc) ‘6 (42)

16-18. 42Sc

Turn the frog upside down, with pink thread behind Flo 13th row

-3ch, in the same Flo do inc dc and another 47inc dc in the next Flo, sl-st cut off

– 3ch, 96dc lilac, sl-st cut off

– 3 ch, 96dc purple, sl-st cut off

Marker strictly in the center of the back !!

19. (5Sc, dec) ‘6 (36)

20-22. 36Sc

23. inc, 5Sc, 7Sc + 7Sc hands, 10Sc, 7 + 7, 5Sc, inc (38)

24.inc, 6Sc, arm (2Sc, 2dec, 2Sc), 3Sc, 2dec, 3Sc, arm (2Sc, 2dec,

2Sc), 6Sc, inc (36)

25. (4Sc, dec) ‘6 (30)

26. (3Sc, dec) ‘6 (24)

27. (2Sc, dec) ‘6 (18)

28. (1Sc, dec) ‘6 (12)

29-31. 12Sc

We continue knitting.

The marker is strictly on the back of the head, monitor constantly !!!

32.12inc (24)

33.24inc (48)

34-35. 48Sc

36.10Sc, 4inc, 20Sc, 4inc, 10Sc (56)

37.16Sc, 24ch, skip 24p, 16Sc (56)


39.dec, 14Sc, 24Sc chain, 14Sc, dec (54)

40.22Sc, dv. dec, 4Sc, dv. dec, 22Sc (50)


42.20Sc, dv. dec, 4Sc, dv. dec, 20Sc (46)

43.19Sc, 4dec, 19Sc (42) the thread does not break

Stuff the head only in the 11th row of the mouth.

We apply the detail of the eyes along, we find the average 18p.

44.12Sc, 18Sc eyes and 18Sc heads together, 12Sc (42)

45.12Sc, in the eye – ((2Sc, inc) ‘3, (inc, 2Sc)’ 3), 12Sc (48)

46.11Sc, dec, 8Sc, 2dv. dec, 8Sc, dec, 11Sc (42) It is convenient to insert and fix the eyes here. In my version, glue and I fixed them off-centery, but slightly lower to the nose and closer to each other. Experiment!

47.15Sc, 6dec, 15Sc (36)

48.13Sc, dec, 2Sc, dv. dec, 2Sc, dec, 12Sc (32)

49.15Sc, dv. dec, 14Sc (30)

50. (1Sc, dec) ’10 (20)

51.10dec (10)

52.5dec (5), sl-st, close, cut off.

We collect the green mouth along ch and loops and loops of the lower lip

1.48Sc starting from the upper lip

2.for Flo (7Sc, inc) ‘6 (54)

3-4. 54Sc

Next, we will knit a row where you need to insert the wire, it is convenient for someone to immediately knit with the wire, someone will insert it into the finished part, someone does not need it at all (without a frame)

5.together with Blo 1st row (7Sc, dec) ‘6 (48), cut off

6.St. pink (6Sc, dec) ‘6 (42)

7. (5Sc, dec) ‘6 (36)


9. (4Sc, dec) ‘6 (30)

10. (3Sc, dec) ‘6 (24)

11. 24Sc, do not stuff the head tightly, so that the knitted part of the tongue fits inside the head between the stuffing.

12. (2Sc, dec) ‘6 (18)

13. (1Sc, dec) 6 (12)

14-17. 12Sc

18. (3Sc, inc) ‘3 (15)

19-20. 15Sc

21. (4Sc, inc) ‘3 (18)


23. (1Sc, dec) ‘6 (12)

24.6dec, close, cut off the thread from the edge of knitting with a margin a little more than the length of the tongue. Poking with a crochet, sew along, fix the thread with sl-st, hide.

Flower yellow

1.6 into magic ring

2.6Sc for Flo, cut off

3. violet 4ch behind Blo, from the same loop 6 times (2c2n, 2ch, sl-st) in one loop.

Sew on or glue on.


Cast on chain ch (?), With 3rd loop (inc dc) in each. Fold in half, hem the middle three to St. pink front row. At the back, at a distance of 4p, sew the ends of the harnesses.


10ch, with the 2nd knit

1.inc, 7Sc, 4Sc at 1, 7Sc, inc (22)

2. (inc, 1Sc) ‘2, 3Sc, (inc, 1Sc)’ 2, (1Sc, inc) ‘2, 3Sc, (inc, 1Sc)’ 2 (30)

3.7Sc, 15ch, skip 5p, 6Sc, skip 5p, 15ch, 7Sc (50)


5.2inc, 2Sc, 3dec, 12Sc, dec, 2inc, dec, 12Sc, 3dec, 2Sc, 2inc (48)

6-10. 48Sc

11-12. 2dec, 18Sc, 4inc, 18Sc, 2dec (48) do not tear off the thread, put on the shorts tightly, dial about 30ch (throw the chain over the shoulder, it should not fall off, define 8 middle loops of the 12th row), knit 8 middle loops, dial an even number of loops for second strap, fasten sl-st in the last loop of the 12th row.

We take off the shorts, turn them over with their heads up, from the back of the leg we collect 20Sc on one side and another 3 rows of 20Sc, sl-st. We do the same with the second ear.

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