Amigurumi Mouse Free Pattern

When using the recommended materials, the growth of the Rat 12 cm. A toy with a wire frame. The rat stands confidently, leaning on its tail.  Materials: yarn “Children’s novelty” of gray, pink, lilac colors yarn “pekhorka Openwork” 280m / 50gr white for eyes two black beads for pupils wire with a diameter of 0.5 … Read more

Amigurumi Mouse Free Pattern

Amigurumi Mouse Free Pattern Legend p. – loop; ch. – air loop; sc – single crochet; inc – an increase (we knit 2 columns in one loop); dec. – decrease (we knit 2 columns together); sl-st – connecting post; CC2N – a column with two crochets; (sc, inc) х n – repeat n number of … Read more

Amigurumi Cute Mouse Free Pattern

Amigurumi Cute Mouse is approximately 40-45 s. Depends on the density of the ide. I wish you a pleasant experience and an easy loop! Amigurumi Cute Mouse Material: – YarnArt Jeans yarn (main color) 1.5 skeins N ° 46 (gray) – YarnArt Jeans yarn (additional color) less than half a skein N ° 18 (pink) … Read more

Amigurumi Good little mouse Free Pattern

Attention!!!  This crochet pattern is for personal use only.  It is forbidden to use this crochet pattern for commercial purposes. Do not share, reproduce, copy, and sell this pattern. No part of this crochet pattern may be published in any form or by any means without prior permission of the author.  When … Read more

Amigurumi Santa Mouse Free Pattern

SANTA MOUSE (4.5 INCHES) Let’s create a Santa Mouse. When creating the Mouse, please take into account your density of crocheting (it differs for everyone). My density is average. If you use a different yarn, the size of the toy may slightly change, but it will remain the same cute baby mouse. ABBREVIATIONS MR – … Read more

Amigurumi Cute Mouse Free Pattern

List of materials 1. YarnArt SuperPerlee (100% acrylic, 100g-400m) gray, pink, a little red for the tongue, white for the mouth. 2. Sew-on eyes. For the declared yarn, the diameter is 13mm. (With some experience, you can use the eyes on a safe fastener) 3. White felt for the eyes 4. Strong thread and long … Read more

Amigurumi Little Mindy Mouse Free Pattern

PİNTEREST PİN PİN: PİNTEREST LİNK Little Mindy Mouse Red Heart Yarns used: Light Grey Baby Pink Bright Yellow Baby Pink White Black Red Other Materials used: Sewing Needle & Matching Threads 2 12mm Safety Eyes Embroidery Floss in Black Stitch Marker Poly-Fill Hooks Used: F and D Abbreviations used in pattern: ch-chain st-stitch sts-stitches sc-single … Read more


PİNTEREST FOLLOW: PİNTEREST LİNK Required material: YarnArt jeans in gray, green and red – less skein; Black yarn for embroidery; Finished eyes about 6-8mm; Hook 1.75; Filler; Sewing needle. When using these materials, the toy turns out to be about 12-13cm Note – the size of the toy depends on the yarn you choose and … Read more

Amigurumi Princess Free Mouse Crochet Pattern

Sweet Oddity Art Princess Mouse Crochet Pattern Size: 12 inches from foot to top of head with weight 4 yarn and a 3.25 mm hook Skill Level Needed: Intermediate- suitable for novice crocheters, requires patience and precisions when assembling the mouse and basic crochet skills.  Materials Needed: Yarn: Worsted Weight #4, approximately 100g of main … Read more