Amigurumi Christmas Goose Pattern

Anton the Christmas Goose MATERIALS 1 skein of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 col. nude 03 1 skein of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 col. red 058 1 skein of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 col. dark green 022 1 skein of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 col. orange 057 1 skein of Rainbow Cotton 8/4 col. white 001 Crochet hook 2.75 mm … Read more

Amigurumi Christmas deer Free Pattern

I’d love if you’d continue with me knitting the deer for the lovely New Year’s Eve. You can follow everything step by step. I wish you good knitting. Amigurumi Christmas deer Free Pattern Elk Yashka  Materials and tools: YarnArt yarn Jeans or Alize Cotton gold. You can take any yarn, the main thing one footage. … Read more

Amigurumi ⛄ Snowman Free Pattern

⛄ “Snowman” ❄ Subject to the specified yarn thickness and numbers hooks the size of the finished toy will be: ❄From “Children’s novelty” 11 cm. ❄Made of Soso yarn 9 cm. Necessary materials : • We take yarn depending on what size you want to knit a toy: • Colors of yarn: brown, white, orange, … Read more

Amigurumi New Year’s dolls Free Pattern

New Year’s dolls MR – Ring of Amigurumi CH – air loop POV – turn the row SC – single crochet SL-ST – conn. column DC – double crochet İNC – increase DEC- decrease (………) ’6 – knit specified in brackets 6 times Hands (2 parts) Palm color (black, flesh, brown) 1.6SC in MR 2.6İNC … Read more

Amigurumi New Year Tree Free Pattern

Necessary materials: 1. Basic green yarn – any of your choice 20 gr. You can take both fluffy and smooth. 2. Fine yarn for decorative embroidery – red, white and green 3. A hook that matches your yarn 4. For decoration – buttons, beads 5. Holofiber for stuffing 6. Stick for the tree trunk 7. … Read more

Amigurumi Snowman Free Pattern

* The toy is knitted in a spiral (unless otherwise indicated). * To mark the beginning of the row, use a special marker or thread of a contrasting color. * The master class contains a complete description of the knitting process of the toy + intermediate photos * The master class does not contain knitting … Read more

Amigurumi Snowman and the Gnome Free Pattern

“Snowman and the Gnome” Basic knitting materials toys: – Plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby or analogue. Overall yarn consumption is less than freckles. For Snowman I used the colors: YarnArt Dolce No. 741, Himalaya Dolphin Baby No. 329, 318, 311, 331 For Gnome: Himalaya Dolphin Baby No.353, No.329, No.318, No.311 YarnArt Dolce No 761 For … Read more