Amigurumi Plush Unicorn Free Pattern

UniAmigurumi Plush Unicorn Free

List of required materials

• Main color yarn (I use Himalaya Dolphin baby, some additional color for the mane

• Hook No. 4,5 and No. 2 for thin yarn (horn) I have jarnart jeans

• Filler

• Eyelets 12 mm on a secure mount

• Horn ready, if available

• Needle for sewing details, marker, scissors, threads for tightening

• Glue if needed (I use Super Moment Gel)

• The ribbon is satin and can be applied

When using the necessary materials

The unicorn turns out to be about 15 cm tall.


Sc – single crochet

İnc – increase (2 sc in one loop)

Dc – decrease (2 sc together)

Ch – air loop

We stuff as we knit. We knit everything in a spiral.

Leg 2 parts and body

1. 6 sc into magic ring. (6)

2. (Sc, inc)*3. (9)

3-5. 9 sc. (9) 3 rows

6. We do not cut the thread on the second leg, we knit the body, dial 3 Ch, connect it to the first leg and knit 9 sc along the leg, 3 sc along the chain, 9 sc along the second leg, 3 sc along the chain. (24)

7-10. 24 sc. (24) 4 rows

11. (2 sc, dc)*6. (eighteen)

12-13. 18 sc. (18) 2 rows

14. (sc, dc)*6. (12)


1. 6 sc into magic ring. (6)

2. (İnc)*6. (12)

3. 12 sc. (12)

4. 3 sc, (inc)*6, 3 sc. (eighteen)

5. 3 sc, (sc, inc)*6, 3 sc. (24)

6. (3 sc, inc)*6. (thirty)

7-10. 30 sc. (30) 4 rows

We insert the eyes between 5-6 rows at a distance of 5 sc.

11. (3 sc, dc)*6. (24)

12. (2 sc, dc)*6. (eighteen)

13. (sc, dc)*6. (12)

14. (Dc)*6. (6)

Pull the hole, hide the thread.

Handles 2 parts

1. 6 sc into magic ring. (6)

2-7. 6 sc. (6) 6 rows Leave thread for sewing.

We knit a horn from fine yarn

1. 6 sc into magic ring. (6)

2. (Sc, inc)*3. (9)

3-6. 9 sc. (9) 4 rows

If you wish, the horn is longer, then knit a couple more rows.

Stuff, leave the thread for sewing.

Ears 2 parts

We collect a chain of 4 Ch, in the second loop from the hook we knit 2 sc, 3 sc in one loop, 2 sc. (7)

Leave the thread for sewing.

Build Unicorn

We do a stretch.

We make the tightening with a regular thread of the main color or iris. (Or any dense one so that it does not tear when pulled).

We start the needle at point 1, leave the tip of the thread sticking out, bring it to point 2, then to point 3 and return to point 1. Without tearing off the thread, we do the same with the second eye. From point 1 we deduce to point 4 further to point 5 and return to point 1. We tie the threads into a knot, tightening it tightly, without cutting the thread, we need to make a constriction of the nose. We introduce a needle at point 3, then at 4 and go back. We tie a knot.

Sew on the head, ears, handles, horn. If the horn is ready, then glue the appliqué as desired.

It is better to make a mane from Himalaya Dolphin baby yarn of a different color, they twist better. Size at your discretion. I made both short and long ones so that the little princess would braid the Unicorn.

Video on how to make a mane, here: Mane) Braid a pigtail, tie it with a ribbon.

Congratulations, your Unicorn is ready!

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