Amigurumi Bird Free Pattern

Difficulty level is easy. The size of the finished toy is 10 cm

Necessary materials:

Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn – any 2 colors to match (you can use leftovers)

 Yarn Art Jeans – yellow for beak and paws, black for embroidering eyes and a little multi-colored for knitting flowers.

 Lanosso Single or “grass” of any other company – a little bit for a tuft

 – Screw eyes 16-18 mm

 – Hook 3.5 mm (main), 2 mm – for knitting the beak and paws.

 – Strong thread for tightening

 – Hollofiber or sintepukh

 – Glue, scissors, markers, large tailor’s needle


MR – amigurumi ring

SC – single crochet

CH – air loop

DC – double crochet

İNC – increase (2 SC in one loop)

DEC – decrease (2 SC with one peak)

SL-ST – connecting post

CH – lift loop

HDC – half double crochet

Wings (2 parts)

Hook No. 3.5 mm

Knit with additional color.

Knit in turning rows, at the end of each row do CH.

Cast on 2CH., in the second loop from the hook, knit:

1. 1 İNC = (2)

2.2 İNC = (4)

3. İNC, 2SC, İNC = (6)

4. İNC, 4SC, İNC = (8)

5. İNC, 6 SC, İNC = (10)

Change the thread to the main color and knit further:

3CH, (3DC – in one loop, SL-ST) to the end of the row.

 Fasten and cut the thread.


Hook number 3.5

Knit with the main color 3 identical parts.

Cast on 8 CH, from 2nd st from hook work: 3 SL-ST, 3HDC, 4 DC in 1st st, then on other side of chain: 3 HDC, 3 SL-ST = (16)

Fasten and cut the thread.


Hook No. 3.25

Knit with the main color.

Stuff the piece as you knit.


2. (1SC, İNC)*4 = (12)

3. (1SC, İNC)*6 = (18)

4. (2SC, İNC)*6 = (24)

5. (3SC, İNC)*6 = (30)

Knit a ponytail on the next row. Insert the hook first in the middle between 1 and the last loop of the tail (1 feather) from the edge, then into the loop on the body, pull the working thread through the body and tail together, knit SC. Knit each tail feather with one SC.

 6. 3 SC with tail, 27 SC = (30)

7-9. 30 SC – 3 rows

Next, align the marker exactly in the middle of the back or along the middle petal of the tail, to do this, knit an additional few SC and place the marker at the new beginning of the row.

In the next row we will knit wings.

10. 6 SC, 2 SC with wing (insert hook first into the extreme loop of the 2nd row, then into the very first extreme loop of the wing), 14 SC, 2 SC with a wing (introduce the hook first into the very first extreme loop of the wing, then into extreme loop 2 rows), 6 SC = (30)

11. (3SC, DEC)*6 = (24)

12. (2SC, DEC)*6 = (18)

13. (1SC, DEC)*6 = (12)

Fasten and cut the thread.


Hook No. 3.5 mm

Start knitting with the main color

Stuff the part as you knit


2. 6 İNC = (12)

Next, knit with two colors at the same time. The complementary color in the scheme is indicated by Red.

3. (1 SC, İNC)*3, (1 SC, İNC)*3 = (18)

4. (2SC, İNC)*3, (2SC, İNC)*3 = (24)

5. (3 SC, İNC)*3, (3 SC, İNC)*3 = (30)

6. (4SC, İNC)*3, (4SC, İNC)*3 = (36)

7-8. 18 SC, 18 SC = (36) – 2 rows

9. (4SC, DEC)*3, 4SC, DEC, 1SC, 3SC, DEC, 4SC, DEC = (30)

10. (3SC, DEC)*3, 3SC, DEC, 1SC, 2SC, DEC, 3SC, DEC = (24)

11-12. 1 SC, 11 SC, 5 SC, 3 SC, 4 SC = (24) – 2 rows

13. 1SC, 1SC, DEC, (2SC, DEC)*5 = (18)

Next, knit only with the main color.


Insert eyes between rows 10 and 11, about 5 sts between inserted eyes.

15. (1SC, DEC)*6 = (12)

16.6 DEC = (6)

Fasten and cut the thread.

Utjazhka and registration of a muzzle.

Take a strong thread and a large tailor’s needle.

Insert the needle into the middle of the MR head (point 1) and withdraw from the outer edge of one eye (point 2), insert again from the inner edge of the same eye (point 3) and withdraw from the inner edge of the other eye (point 4), enter again from the outer the edges of the same eye (point 5) and draw at the original point 1KA. Repeat the same thing again, pull the threads and tie knots.


Hook No. 2 mm

Yellow Yarn Art Jeans.

1. Make a KA from 8SC, leaving a long tip.

2. 1 SC, İNC, 1 SC, (2 DC, 2 CH, 2 DC) – in one loop, 1 SC, İNC, 1 SC, (2 DC, 2 CH, 2 DC) – in one loop = (20 )

Fasten the thread and leave the second long end for tightening and sewing on the beak. Using a hook or needle, bring the end of the İNTO MAGİC RİNG thread. Thus, in the middle of the beak there are 2 long tips.

Determine the position of the beak. Insert the ends of the threads into the needle and bring them out at the back of the head.

Then insert the same needle into the same hole at the back of the head and bring it out inside the beak on the left between MR and the second row, insert the needle from the opposite side on the right between MR and the second row and bring it out at the back of the head. Tighten the threads so that the beak sinks a little deeper.

Tie knots and hide the ends inside the head. With your fingers, form the most suitable shape of the beak.

Attach the head to the body with knitting needles and sew around with a strong thread.

Paws (2 parts)

Hook No. 2 mm

Yellow Yarn Art Jeans.


2. 6 İNC = (12)

3. (1SC, İNC)*6 = (18)

4. (2SC, İNC)*6 = (24)


6. (2SC, DEC)*6 = (18)


8. (1SC, DEC)*6 = (12)

9-10. 12 SC-2 rows

Stuff your paw a little.

11.6 DEC = (6)

Pull the hole and fasten the thread.

Sew the legs to the bottom of the body.

Flowers (3 pieces)

Yarn Art Jeans in 3 different colors

Hook No. 2 mm


Tighten-MR, shape the petals with your fingers. You can glue a bead into the center of the flower. Then knit a chain of CH equal to the volume of the bird’s head, connect into a ring. Fasten and cut the thread. Flowers glue or sew to the rim. Put the decoration on the bird’s head.

Yarn Lanosso Single or any other grass tie a crest to the bird. Ready

Thank you for knitting with me.

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