Amigurumi Vita carrot Free Pattern

How to make amigurumi carrot? Amigurumi Carrot / Amigurumi Carrot English Pattern Vita carrot


M – marker

MR – Ring of amigurumi

CH – air loop

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

SL-ST – connecting post

İNC – increase

DEC- decrease

FLO – front half loop

BLO – back hinge

We prepare orange, green strings and a little for shoes and a skirt. Sintepon, glue – gel (super), eyes 7mm, needle. Pieces of thread on mini markers.

Hands with orange thread.

We fill in the course of knitting.

The marker is strictly vertical !!

1.6 in MR

2.6İNC (12)

3-4. 12SC

5.6SC, 5CH, with 2nd 4SL-ST, 6SC (12)

6. (2SC, DEC) ‘3 (9)

7-10. 9SC

11-12. HDC, 2SC, 3SL-ST, 2SC, HDC (9)

13-15. 9SC

16. (2SC, İNC) ‘3 (12)

17.12SC, SL-ST


The marker is straight along the heel, then vertically along the leg.

Thread for insoles (mine is brown):

7CH, with the 2nd we knit

1.INC, 4SC, 3SC at 1, 4SC, İNC (17)

2.1SC, İNC, 4SC, 3İNC, 4SC, İNC, 1SC (20)

3. İNC, 1SC, İNC, 3SC, HDC, (HDC İNC, HDC) ‘3, 4SC, İNC, 1SC, İNC (27) cut off

4.for BLO boot color (I have peach) 27SC

5-6. 27SC, cut and paste insole

7.9SC, HDC, 3DEC HDC, HDC, 8SC, DEC (23)

8.5SC, 3DEC, 2SC, 2DEC, 6SC (18), thread forward, fill as you knit, frame optional

9.for BLO orange (1SC, DEC) ‘6 (12)

 behind FLO boot thread 18SL-ST, cut off

10-14. orange 12SC

15-16. DEC, 3SC, 2İNC, 3SC, DEC (12)

17. İNC, 3SC, 2DEC, 3SC, İNC (12)

18-19. 12SC

20. (3SC, İNC) ‘3 (15)

21-22. 15SC, SL-ST, cut off


There are three colors in the skirt – in red I have panties and the first row of DC, then in color

boot (peach), then a mint strip.

Ready !!

The marker is strictly vertical on the back !!

The color of the panties and the skirt (I have red)

1.6 in MR (middle between the legs)

2.1SC, 1SC + 1SC legs together, 2SC (front), 1SC + 1SC legs together, 1SC (6)

3.1SC, 14SC for the leg, 2SC, 14SC for the leg, 1SC (32)

4.3SC, 2İNC, 22SC, 2İNC, 3SC (36)

5.36SC, thread forward

6.for BLO (mint for me)

(5SC, İNC) ‘6 (42), cut off

7.for BLO orange 42SC, set aside

8. We knit a skirt! Turn the toy upside down, behind the 5th row FLO (red) thread

knit panties counterclockwise:

– 2CH and 36İNC DC, SL-ST (72), cut off

– (peach) 72SC, cut off

– (mint) 72SC, SL-ST, cut off

Turn over, continue the body.

9.Orange 42SC

10. hereinafter, do not tighten the SL-ST too much!

10SC, 2SL-ST, 5SC, 2SL-ST, 4SC, 2SL-ST, 5SC, 2SL-ST, 10SC (42)

11-12. 42SC

13.9SC, 4SC + 4SC hands together, 16SC, 4SC + 4SC hands together, 9SC (42)

14.9SC, arm (3SC, DEC, 3SC), chest 6SC, 4SL-ST, 6SC, arm (3SC, DEC, 3SC), 9SC (48)


16. 19SC, М¹, 10SC, М², 9SC (48)

17. (7SC, İNC) ‘6 (54)

18.19SC, 3SL-ST, 10SC, 3SL-ST, 19SC (54)


20. 25SC, M³, 4SC, M⁴, 25 (54)

21.12SC, 4SL-ST, 8SC, М⁵, 1SC, 4SL-ST, 1SC, М⁶, 8SC, 4SL-ST, 12SC (54)


We fill in the course of knitting.

Arm frame optional.

23. (8SC, İNC) ‘6 (60)

24-25. 60SC

26.15SC, for FLO 8SC, 2SC, 4SL-ST, 2SC, 4SL-ST, 2SC, for FLO 8SC, 15SC (60)

27-28. 60SC

29.15SC, 8SC together with 8 BLO 25th row, 14SC, 8SC together with 8 BLO 25th row, 15SC (60)

30.30DEC (30)

31-32. 30SC

33. (1SC, DEC) ’10 (20), cut off, stuff

34-35. green 20SC

36.10DEC (10)

37.5DEC (5) do not cut the thread!


We begin to knit each CH chain from the 2nd loop

(25CH, 7SL-ST, 5CH, 4SL-ST, 8SL-ST, 5CH, 4SL-ST, 9SL-ST, SC in FLO 37 rows) ‘5, SL-ST cut off. Then you can leave hang the greens as they are, you can run them along a chain of 25CH glue (super or gel) and fix in the desired form.

Make slight tightening with M⁵ in M², then in M⁶, in M¹, again in M⁵, fasten. Paste or insert eyes at the points М⁵М⁶, in the 25th row at a distance of 4 loops from each other and 4 loops in mark long eyebrows, embroider them with a thin brown thread, mark with the same thread smile line in points М¹М². Make green eyelids. At points М³М⁴ orange thread 4 embroider the nose with stitches.

Bowknot for boots. In KA blue (2CH, 3DC, 2CH, SL-ST) ‘2, cut off, wrap mustard (yellow) and sew on on the boots, you can stick it.

Bow for the head

The MR is bitter. (3CH, 3s²n, 3CH, SL-ST) ‘2, cut off, wrap blue (yellow) and sew to the head, you can glue.

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