Amigurumi Mr. Cat Free Pattern

Amigurumi Mr. Cat Free Pattern “Нerr katze” With the declared materials, the toy turns out to be 31 cm in size with tailored to the height of the hat. The jacket is detachable, the hat can be made as removed or not. The toy stands at the expense of the tail. Materials and tools: Yarn … Read more

Amigurumi Cat Free Pattern

Amigurumi Cat Free Pattern cat Materials: 1. YarnArt Jeans yarn No. 77 – 1.5 skeins No. 01 and 81 – 0.5 skein No. 17 and 40 – less than half a skein No. 53 and 62 (01) for peephole and nose No. 49 for the middle of the ears 2. Sewing thread or floss, black … Read more

Amigurumi Cute Cat Free Pattern

Amigurumi Cute Cat Materials: 1. Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art (150/50) red and white, a little gray and pink (for the mouse) 2.Hook No. 1.75 or 2 3.Eyes (can be on a secure mount, I used glass) and plastic nose (the nose can be embroidered) 4. Filler 5. A piece of pink felt about 5cm … Read more

Amigurumi Teacher Cat Free Pattern

Pattern:Olga Zimina Difficulty: medium. When using the recommended materials, you will knit a toy 30-32 cm in size. The size may vary slightly depending on your knitting density. We do not do any offset loops, if this is not indicated in the description! Materials: 1. Jeans yarn (160 / 50g) a little more than one … Read more

Amigurumi Cat in a Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Thank you for choosing me to knit the sweet cat design I wish you good knits Amigurumi Cat in a Hat Free Crochet Pattern PİNTEREST FALLOW: PİNTEREST LİNK Head We knit the head in circular rows. Back center marker. We make offset loops where necessary. 1row – 6 into magic ring 2row – inc * … Read more