Amigurumi Gülçiçek Baby Free Pattern

Amigurumi Gülçiçek Baby Free Pattern Hello, we can knit the rose flower doll with you for free. Our beautiful baby’s overalls and dress are also included in our pattern. I wish you good work in advance.

A list of materials

Skin color peria size 17

Pink socks peria size 94

Blue dress Alize Coton Gold size 40

hair brown dora

Eyes 12mm

The crochet I use is tulip rose 1.50 mm for body and clothes.

tulip mind for wig 2.00 mm

Gülçiçek Baby Head recipe

1)Mr 6sc







8) (6Sc1Inc).6=48Sc


10) (8Sc1Inc).6=60Sc


20)15Sc, (1Sc 1Inc).6, 6Sc, (1Sc 1Inc).6, 15Sc=72Sc

21-25) 72Sc

26)15Sc, (1Sc 1Dec).6, 6Sc, (1Sc 1Dec).6,15Sc=60Sc

27) (8Sc 1Dec).6=54Sc

28)(7Sc 1Dec).6=48Sc

29)(6Sc 1Dec).6=42Sc

30)(5Sc 1Dec).6=36Sc

31)(4Sc 1Dec).6=30Sc

32)(3Sc 1Dec).6=24Sc

33) (2Sc 1Dec).6=18Sc and done


Start with the color pink..

1)7 chains and knit 5Sc from the second chain, knit 3Sc to the last chain, turn and knit 4Sc, 1Inc



10)1 chain, go back and skip 1Sc, 6Sc,1Dec

11)1chain, turn back and skip 1Sc, 4Sc,1Dec

12) 2Sc corresponding to the edge, 8Sc to the front, 2Sc to the other side, 5Sc to the back = 17Sc



20) 3 hdc into each Sc as flo for sock ruffle

21) 16Sc as blo with skin color


47) 16Sc with white


Knit the other leg in this way and move to the body without cutting the rope.


1) 6Sc into MRI

2)6Inc =12Sc

3)(1Sc 1Inc).6=18Sc

4)(2Sc 1Inc).6=24Sc

5)(3Sc 1Inc).6=30Sc

6)(4Sc 1Inc).6=36Sc

7)(5Sc 1Inc).6=42Sc

8)(6Sc 1Inc).6=48Sc

9)(7Sc 1Inc).6=54Sc

10) (8Sc 1Inc).6=60Sc

11-17)60Sc and done..

Cut 30 strands of rope, 45 cm long, tie them in the middle and sew them to the wig with the help of a needle. Make another one in the same way, align it and sew it opposite.

And 20 chains for buckles, knit 2 sc into each chain and fix it to the wig with the help of a needle and it’s done 🙂


1) 36 chains, knit 30Sc starting from the 6th chain

2)(2Sc 1Inc).10=40Sc

3)5Sc,8 chain, skip 8Sc, 14Sc,8 chain, skip 8Sc, 5Sc

4)5Sc, 8Sc, 14Sc,8Sc,5Sc=40Sc

5-7) Knit 40Sc and knit together

8) 2 dc into each Sc =80 dc

80 dc between 9-22) and done..

The popcorn recipe on the dress is available on my page, you can also decorate it with roses and flowers.

Gülçiçek Baby T-Shirt Recipe

1) 36 chains, knit 30Sc starting from the 6th chain


3)5Sc,8 chain, skip 8Sc, 14Sc,8 chain, skip 8Sc, 5Sc

4)5Sc, 8Sc, 14Sc,8Sc,5Sc=40Sc

5-15)40Sc and done..


1)Draw 30 chains and combine with Sl-st



Knit both legs of the jumpsuit like this and join them with Sl-st..


31)(8Sc 1Dec).6=54Sc


35)(7Sc 1Dec).6=48Sc


For the front part of the overalls, knit 12Sc in the center and knit 1 Ch and turn. Knit 7 rows in total like this and you’re done.

For the straps of the overalls, attach a rope to the back of the overalls and knit 34 chains, skip 8 chains and combine with 26 hdc knit sl-st. For the other hanger, knit 7Sc in between, knit the other hanger in the same way and you’re done.

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