Amigurumi Pyramid Giraffe Free Pattern

Pyramid Giraffe

List of materials

 YarnArt JEANS 1 skein of main color and little by little bright colors for rings, hooves and belly.

YarnArt JEANS white yarn for spout

Vita COCO white and black yarn for eyes

Hook number 2 and 1.25

 Filler for toys (holofiber, sintepukh)

Long sewing needle

 Scissors

Knitting markers (I use a contrast thread)

List of abbreviations:

• SC – single crochet

• CH – air loop

• SL-ST – connecting post

• İNC – increase (2SC in 1 loop)

• DEC – decrease

• MR – amigurumi ring

• X – knit the specified number of times


(stuff in the course of knitting, forming a hole for the pyramid rod):

1p: 6SC in MR

2p: 6İNC=12

3p: (1SC, İNC)×6=18

4p: (2SC, İNC)×6=24

5p: (3SC, İNC)×6=30

6p: 30SC for the front wall

7-14p: 30SC

15r: behind the back wall (4SC, İNC) × 6 = 36

16p: (5SC, İNC)×6=42

17p: (6SC, İNC)×6=48

18r: (7SC, İNC)×6=54

19r: (8SC, İNC)×6=60

20r: (9SC, İNC)×6=66

21r: (10SC, İNC)×6=72

22-37r: 72SC

38p: (10SC, DEC)×6=66

39p: (9SC, DEC)×6=60

40p: (8SC,DEC)×6=5

41p: (7SC, DEC)×6=48

42p: (6SC, DEC)×6=42

43p: (5SC, DEC)×6=36

44p: (4SC, DEC)×6=30

45r: (3SC, DEC)×6=24

46p: (2SC, DEC)×6=18

47p: (1SC, DEC)×6=12

48r: 6DEC. Cut the thread, pull the hole.



1p: 6SC in MR

2p: 6SC

3r: 6İNC=12

4p: 12SC

5p: (1SC, İNC)×6=18

6-13r: 18SC

14p: (1SC, DEC) × 6 = 12. Cut the thread, leaving the end for sewing. Try on the head and sew


1p: 6ch starting in 2nd from hook 4SC, 3SC in

last stitch, 3SC, İNC=12

2p: İNC, 3SC, 3İNC, 3SC, 2İNC=18

3p: (1SC, İNC), 3SC, (1SC, İNC)×3, 3SC, (1SC, İNC)×2=24

4p: (2SC, İNC), 3SC, (2SC, İNC)×3, 3SC, (2SC, İNC)×2=30

5-6r: 30SC. Leave the thread for sewing, sew.

We make a tightening under the nostrils.

Dial a chain of 15CH, sew on the muzzle in place weights.


2 parts

Black note. We knit in a circle

1p: 6SC in MR, CH

2p: CH lifting 6İNC=12, CH

3p: CH lift (1SC, İNC)×6=12 CH

Change the thread to white

4p: CH lift (2SC, İNC)×6=18 CH

5p: CH lift (3SC, İNC)×6=24 CH.

Sew eyes, embroider eyelashes.


2 parts

Brown thread:

1p: 6SC in MR

2p: 6İNC=12

3p: (1SC, İNC)×6=18

4-5p: 18SC

6p: (1SC, DEC)×6=12

7p: (2SC, DEC)×3=9

Change the thread to the main color

Row 8-13: 9SC. Leave the end for sewing. Trying on to the head and sew.

We embroider eyebrows.


We stuff in the course of knitting

1p: 6SC in MR

2p: 6İNC=12

3p: (1SC, İNC)×6=18

4p: (2SC, İNC)×6=24

5p: (3SC, İNC)×6=30

6p: (4SC, İNC)×6=36

7p: (5SC, İNC)×6=42

8p: (6SC, İNC)×6=48

9p: (7SC, İNC)×6=54

10p: (8SC, İNC)×6=60

11p: (9SC, İNC)×6=66

12p: (10SC, İNC)×6=72

13r: (11SC, İNC)×6=78

14p: (12SC, İNC)×6=84

15r: 84SC for the back wall

From the plastic cover, cut out the base for the pyramid

16-22r: 84SC. We place the plastic blank on the bottom pyramids

23r: (12SC, DEC)×6=78

24p: (11SC, DEC)×6=72

25p: (10SC, DEC)×6=66

26p: (9SC, DEC)×6=60

27p: (8SC, DEC)×6=54

28p: (7SC, DEC)×6=48

29r: (6SC, DEC)×6=42

30p: (5SC, DEC)×6=36

31p: (4SC, DEC)×6=30

32r: 30SC for the back wall

33-69r: 30SC

$70: (3SC, DEC)×6=24

71p: (2SC, DEC)×6=18

72p: (1SC, DEC)×6=12

73ri 6DEC. Pull the hole, hide the thread.


1r: 7SC in MR then work in turning rows

2p: 3SC, 3SC in 1 st, 3SC=9

3p: CH lift, İNC, 2SC, İNC, 3SC, İNC, 1SC=12

4p: CH lift, 2SC, İNC, 6SC, İNC, 2SC=14

5p: CH lift, 6SC, İNC, 7SC=15

6p: CH lift, 3SC, İNC, 7SC, İNC, 3SC=17

7p: CH lift, 8SC, İNC, 8SC=18

8p: tie the base with single crochets. Sew belly to body.


2 parts (we fill in the course of knitting)

brown thread

1p: 6SC in MR

2p: 6İNC=12

3p: (1SC, İNC)×6=18

4p: 18SL-ST

5-6r: 18SC change the thread to the main

7p: (4SC, DEC)×4=15

8-21r: 15SC

22p: (3SC, DEC)×3=12

23r: (2SC, DEC)×3=9

24p: (1SC, DEC)×3=6

$25: 3DEC


2 parts (we fill in the course of knitting)

brown thread

1p: 7SC in MR

2p: 7İNC=14

3p: 14SL-ST

4-5r: 14SC, change the thread to the main color

6-17r: 14SC

18p: 7DEC. Fill the base, fold in half and stitch.

We place the handles at the level of the beginning of the ring rack and sew


(5 pieces)

1p: 15CH per ring

2-60r: 15SC. Fill not tightly, fold end to end, sew.


Well, our fascinating journey into the world of knitted pyramids has come to an end …

Look what a pyramid we got! Now your kids will be able to play and develop with exclusive toys.

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