Amigurumi Tıger-Gırl Free Pattern

TIGER-GIRL amigurumi

Legs + tail + body + arms = one piece

Threaded head

Height: ~9cm

Weight: 25g

Necessary materials:

Yarn: Gazzal Baby Cotton (analogues YarnArt Jeans, Alize Cotton Gold)

4 colors – orange – the main color of the tiger

 white – socks, muzzle

 milky – petticoat, collar

 green – dress

Hook: 2.0mm

Eyes: 8mm


MR – amigurumi ring

SC – single crochet

DC – double crochet

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease

SL-ST – connecting post

CH – lift loop

(…) * n – repeat the required number of times


Handles (2 children):

 Foot color (white):

1p: 6SC in MR = 6

2p: İNC*6 = 12

3p: (2SC, DEC)*3 = 9

 Handle color (orange):

4-7p: 9SC (4p)

 Dress color (green):

8-11p: 9SC (4p)

12p: (SC,DEC)*3 = 6

Cut the thread, hide inside. We knit the second handle in the same way. I don’t have pens

I fill.

Tail (~4.5cm):

 Tail Tip (White):

1p: 5SC in MR = 5

2p: 5SC = 5

 Tail (orange):

3-12p: 5SC (10p)

Legs (2 children):

 Foot color (white):

1p: 6SC in MR = 6

2p: İNC*6 = 12

3p: (SC, İNC)*6 = 18

4p: 18SC

5p: 3SC, 6DEC, 3SC = 12


 Leg color (orange):

6p: 3SC, 3DEC, 3SC = 9

7-11p: 9SC (5p)

We cut the thread on the first leg, leave it on the second leg. legs

fill, paying special attention to socks.


We continue to knit with the main color (orange):

12r: 3CH, attach the first leg and knit on the leg 9SC, 3SC on

CH chain, 9SC on the second leg, 3SC on the CH chain = 24

13-14p: 24SC (2p)

15r: (3SC, İNC)*6 = 30

16p (tail): 13SC, 3SC (knit with tail), 14SC = 30

Make sure the ponytail is exactly in the middle of the back)

17p: 30SC

 Dress color (green):

18p: 30SC

19r(for the back wall): 30SC

$20: (3SC, DEC)*6 = 24

21r: 24SC

22r(for back wall): 24SC

23r: 24SC

24p: (2SC, DEC)*6 = 18

25p: 18SC

26r (handles): 5SC, 3SC knit together with the handle, 6SC, 3SC

knit together with the handle, 1SC = 18

Check that the handles are located exactly on the sides of the toy)

27r: (SC, DEC) * 6 = 12

28r: DEC*6 = 6

We close the remaining loops with a needle


 Face color (white):

1p: 6SC in MR = 6

2p: İNC*6 = 12

3p: 12SC

4p: (SC, İNC)*6 = 18

 Main color (orange):

5p: 3SC, (SC,İNC)*6, 3SC = 24

6p: 4SC, İNC, (2SC, İNC)*5, 4SC = 30

7p: 3SC, (3SC,İNC)*6, 3SC = 36

8-11p: 36SC (4p)

We put the eyes between the 5th and 6th rows, leaving ~ 7SC from the 5th row between the peephole

12p: (4SC, DEC)*6 = 30

13p: 30SC

14p: (3SC, DEC)*6 = 24

15p: (2SC, DEC)*6 = 18

16p: (SC, DEC) * 6 = 12

17p: DEC*6 = 6

We close the remaining loops with a needle

Ears (2 children):

 Main color (orange):

1p: 5SC in MR = 5

The ring is not closed

2p: (SC, İNC)*2, SC = 7

Tie with black thread


We embroider stripes

Sew on the ears

Embroider nose and muzzle

We do tightening

Muzzle stretch:

At the bottom of the head we insert a needle and bring it out from the bottom of the right eye, enter from above the eyes and bring them out at the bottom of the head, where they were originally injected;

skip 1SC towards the left eye and bring the needle out from the bottom of the left eyes, we enter the eyes from above and bring them out at the bottom of the head, where the needle was inserted for the left eye. We pull both threads, make a knot.


Underskirt color (milky):

0p (raise loops 19p): 30 SC, SL-ST, 2CH = 30

1p: (DC,İNC)*15 = 45

2p: 45DC, SL-ST

3p(ruffles): CH, (SC, skip 1SC, 5SC in 1p, skip 1SC)*

repeat to end of row

Upper skirt:

Top skirt color (green):

0p (we raise loops 22p): 24 SC, SL-ST = 30

1p: (SC, İNC) * 12 \u003d 36

2p: 36SC

3p: (2SC, 2İNC)*9 = 54

4p: 54SC

5p: İNC*54 = 108

6p: 108SC


We fasten the head to the body with a thread fastening

We embroider stripes on the paws, on the tail


Milk color:

We collect a chain of air loops multiple of 4 + 1CH, leaving the tip

threads ~ 2 cm.

I dialed 28CH + 1CH = 29p (you can make the chain longer and as knitting the second row, check the collar on the toy. When the collar length arrange, dissolve the remaining loops from the typed chain).

In the second row we knit ruffles, as in the 3rd row for the petticoat.

The collar can be sewn on, I just tied it)

Enjoy the result!


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