Amigurumi Mr. Cat Free Pattern

Amigurumi Mr. Cat Free Pattern “Нerr katze” With the declared materials, the toy turns out to be 31 cm in size with tailored to the height of the hat. The jacket is detachable, the hat can be made as removed or not. The toy stands at the expense of the tail. Materials and tools: Yarn … Read more

Amigurumi Ice Skater Cat Free Pattern

Ice Skater Cat Skates and Feet (2 pieces) We start with the pink rope. 1. 11ch, from the second loop, we close the row with 8sc in the same place, 5sc, 8sc, 1sl-st in the same loop. (21) 2. Close the row with 1ch, 1hdc, 1inchdc, 6hdc, 2inchdc,2hdc,2inchdc,6hdc,1inchdc, 1hdc, 1sl-st. (28) 3. Close the row … Read more